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Divergent Untitled 3 Tpb

Allegiant - Veronica Roth Edit: 5/9/13: The cover was revealed today on the Today Show with Ryan Seacrest! One choice will define you! In other news the Insurgent movie has been greenlit by the studio! Edit 5/2/13: I love these covers, that fans made! Revised: 4/18/13 al·le·giant [uh-lee-juhnt] adjective1.loyal; faithfulThe third Divergent book is called Allegiant?!?! Why didn't they stick to the -gent suffix? I'm not a huge fan of this title at all but I'm still really excited to read it. Edit: 3/25/13: A new placeholder? Why? Please Katherine Tegen release the cover already!Edit 2/11/13: Oooh there's a release date and a placeholder cover! This can only mean that the title and cover will be released soon. I need the 3rd book now! Any idea what the title will be? I'm betting on Convergent! Convergent is opposite of Divergent and plus it has the -rgent suffix. I can't believe the release date is now September 26 2013. That's ridiculous because I need this book now!Edit: And now the release date is October...Katherine Tegen Books are you trying to torture me?