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Broken - A.E. Rought Check out more of my reviews! "Promises are like hearts, easily broken" When I heard about Broken, I immediately had to request it on NetGalley. Who wouldn't want to read a modern retelling of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein? I was a little wary of Broken because the book received pretty negative reviews and the last Frankenstein retelling I read was awful (Dr. Frankenstein's Daughters). I have pretty mixed feelings about Broken but overall I did enjoy reading it! I probably should have hated Broken, it has everything I don't like about a YA book. Broken starts off extremely cliche with Emma and Alex becoming science lab partners. "Things are not right with Alex Franks. And I can't stay away from him." Of course Emma has to have this magnetic attraction to Alex even though she has a bad feeling about him. Broken was a pretty generic paranormal romance book for the first half or so. There a few noteworthy aspects of Broken but everything else is pretty basic. I really liked our main character Emma because she kicked ass. Emma didn't let bullies get to her and she even hit of the bullies with her cast at one point in the book. *CAST SMASH!*I loved Emma's fierce personality but the fact that was in denial for a good part of this novel extremely annoyed me. She kept on denying that she was head over heels for Alex but it was so obvious that she was obsessed with him. Also Emma was pretty oblivious all throughout the novel, it's extremely obvious who Alex is but Emma doesn't seem to find the connection between the two. All the clues were staring her in the face and yet she continued to ignore the obvious. A.E. Rought definitely succeeds in creating a creepy and eerie Gothic atmosphere in Broken. It's really a shame that this book doesn't truly become eerie until the last quarter of the novel. I was really impressed by the Gothic atmosphere in the end of this book but I wish the Gothic atmosphere was a bigger aspect throughout the entire novel. In Broken, the major plot elements take way too long to unfold and as a result the pacing is extremely slow. Most of this book is just a high-school romance with occasional paranormal tidbits thrown in. I did like reading about Alex and Emma's relationship but it was rather cheesy. I wanted to see more macabre and spooky plot elements instead of just romance. The ending of Broken is the best part of the novel and I wish the plot moved at a faster pace. Broken doesn't have any plot twists near the end of the book but the ending still was really well done. Broken is a pretty mediocre paranormal novel. I enjoyed the beginning and ending of this book but everything in between was pretty average. Broken truly suffers from a slow moving plot and an overload of romance. Thank you to Strange Chemistry for providing me with a copy of Broken in exchange for a honest review.