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William Shakespeare's Star Wars

William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, a New Hope - Ian Doescher Check out Scott Reads It! for giveaways, reviews & more! Thank you to Quirk for providing me with a review copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. William Shakespeare's Star Wars is nothing short of spectacular! This play is everything nerds everywhere have been waiting for, this is a mash-up of epic proportions. Never did I imagine that Shakespeare and Star Wars could blend to create such a perfect tale of adventure, hope, and friendship. This is the Star Wars book that fans have been waiting for, a book so unusual, yet executed so well. I haven't read much Shakespeare in my life, yet I still loved this book to pieces. Despite my lack of knowledge about a majority of Shakespeare's plays, I still understood a lot of the jokes and references the author made. If you're a fan of Shakespeare, I'll bet you'll love this one even more, because you'll be able to catch all the subtle easter eggs that author inserted in the text. It was shocking to me to see how well Shakespearean aspects intertwined with Star Wars. The two worlds collided so perfectly that I thought: "Why did it take so long for this to turn out?" The way Doescher wrote this play as if George Lucas knew all along how Star Wars could become a Shakespearean play. I know Lucas was influenced by Shakespeare, but I just didn't imagine this play working so well. Doescher tells the story of Star Wars with such ease, precision, and everything down to the smallest details. None of the action, the adventure, the intrigue, or the mystery of Star Wars is lost in translation and Doescher keeps the play true to it's source material. If you haven't seen the Star Wars movie, I can imagine that this still would be a worthwhile read because it tells the story in such a precise, perfect manner. This is a book for a die-hard Star Wars junkie or a newbie to the franchise who wants to learn more about a galaxy far, far away. This is Star Wars like you've never seen it before and fans will rejoice at another chance to revisit the franchise in an original, inventive way. One can only hope that there will be future Shakespearean adaptations of the Star Wars movies because this is definitely a hit! I'm even thinking about brushing up on some Shakespeare now because of this play. I can't recommend William Shakespeare's Star Wars enough, you'd have to be a member of the Imperial Army or a Sith Lord not to like it!