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Marcelo in the Real World

Marcelo in the Real World - Find at the Scott Reads It MARCELO IN THE REAL WORLD BY FRANCISCO X. STORK I had to read this for summer reading for school and I chose this book from a list. Usually I don't enjoy books that my school picks like the Alchemist which I had also read recently. Marcelo Sandoval is a 17 year old with either Autism or Asperger Syndrome. Marcelo can also hear music that no one else can hear and he goes to a school for children with special needs called Patterson. At Patterson Marcelo is protected from the "Real World" and Marcelo's father Arturo wants Marcelo to work at his law firm. At the law firm he meets Jasmine and Wendell who show Marcelo the "real world". I thought that this book was very detailed and interesting. I love how Stork showed how much the world changed Marcelo mentally for better or worse. Marcelo's perspective and narration was very detailed and though he misinterpreted things a bit I thought his view on the world to be fascinating. I really did not like Wendell at all and I seriously wanted to punch Wendell in the face. Every time he called Marcello, Gump (ie Forrest Gump) I got really ticked off. Why is he making fun of Marcello because is he is a bit slower? Stork created a well developed plot and very realistic characters. This book is a dramatic book that puts in question "What's more important family and friends or what is the right thing to do?". I recommend this book for teens and adults because this book really has alot of life lessons and important themes. Marcelo in the Real World is a very touching and dramatic read that will help you see the world in a different way. Highly Recommended:5/5 Stars