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Blood Riders

Blood Riders - Michael P. Spradlin When you say Hollister, what do you think of? or Blood Riders was compared to Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter in an advertisement I saw online. This was extremely misleading because Blood Riders is nothing like Seth Grahame Smith's genius novel. Blood Riders is extremely tedious and pretty bland. Considering this book is about vampires, I wasn't too interested in it and I felt the urge to DNF several times while reading this book. It can't help that the character's name was Hollister and it was hard to take him seriously. When I read his name, I thought of a bikini-clad woman or a good-lucking guy with a six-pack, instead of a grumpy Civil War Vet. I didn't enjoy reading about the characters and I felt distaste towards the MC, Hollister. I read most of this novel (around 60%), but I didn't even feel the need to finish it or skim the ending.