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My Crazy Beautiful Life

My Crazy Beautiful Life - Ke$ha Seen at City of BooksMy Crazy Beautiful Life by Ke$ha is a book that I found on of my trips to BAM (Books-A-Million). I enjoy listening to Ke$ha's feel-good catchy pop songs so I figured I would read it. I got it at my library and read the entire book during a half hour car ride. My Crazy Beautiful Life really had a ton of humor and it was a very entertaining read. We learn of Ke$ha's roots with being born at a party, getting accepted into Ivy Leagues like Columbia, dropping out of High School, and sneaking to Prince's house in just few pages. I was surprised but My Crazy Beautiful life was filled with tons of awesome quotes such as: "This is my dream. This is the only thing that I have been put on Earth to do and this is just the beginning." This isn't exactly sophisticated Shakespearean text but it's definitely alot more fun to read. I particularly loved this little anecdote about glitter (for those of you who don't know Ke$ha is a glitter fanatic). When talking about glitter Ke$ha remarked: "It's like marking your territory. And if I get lost you can just follow the trail of glitter to me.....My assistant told me: 'Sometimes I think I have dandruff, but then I realize it's glitter'." Besides all of Ke$ha's fun stories about concerts and making music, My Crazy Beautiful Life explores serious topics too. Ke$ha addresses bullying and how she was bullied for being different and an individual. "I know how it feels to be bullied; I know it can stay with you for a long time. But I always had a dream and a determined mind." Ke$ha overcame all of her haters and bullies and she didn't let them change who she is. If Ke$ha let those haters dictate and change who she is, Ke$ha wouldn't be the record-selling hit she is. Ke$ha also talks about how important family is to her and about her relationship with her mom. Basically My Crazy Beautiful Life was a fun light read that was entertaining. It's not entirely a light read because Ke$ha does explore some serious controversial topics. The pictures in this book are pretty cool and had a nice touch to Ke$ha's memoir. If you're a Ke$ha fan or not you'll definitely have a blast reading this memoir of Ke$ha's life so far. I wish Ke$ha all the best luck for the future but I don't think she needs it. This review took longer to write than the reading of this book.