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After Eden - Helen  Douglas
Publication Date: 11/05/13
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children's
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Pages: 288


Thank you to Bloomsbury for providing me w/ an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. 
    Sometimes book blurbs reveal way too little to the reader and the reader really has no idea what to expect from the book. Then there are books like After Eden, where you read the description and you have the entire plot mapped out clearly for the reader. I really feel as if the blurb for After Eden revealed way too much and that it should have been more ambiguous and enigmatic. There's really no fun in reading a book where the reader knows almost every plot element and there is little to be revealed.
     After Eden is a quick, light read that I was immediately drawn into because of it's easy, accessible plot. Though it's about time travel, After Eden isn't overly scientific, complicated, and difficult to comprehend. After Eden is fun and fluffy, but I really don't think it's for science fiction aficionados because everything is extremely simplistic and pretty basic. There's truly nothing new in After Eden and it basically follows the basic plot outlines of most YA books. 


  We have the mysterious bad boy who comes to town and of course rumors circulate in this small town. Everyone wants to know who he is, why is he here, and if he'll go out with them. Obviously, this guy is drop dead handsome and insanely attractive because what YA male character isn't. Since this is a YA book, there are clearly more popular and attractive characters than our protagonist who are all vying for the attention of Ryan. 



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