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Prophecy - Enter to win an ARC of Warrior by Ellen Oh on my blog! Lately I have been addicted to high fantasy book so after reading Prophecy's description I almost immediately requested it on Edelweiss. When I read the description, I immediately knew that I wanted to read this book because it gave off a vibe that reminded me distinctly of Graceling. Prophecy has many similarities to Graceling but they are both two very different novels. Prophecy is the story of Kira who is a demon slayer with yellow eyes and she is also the only female in the king's army. Kira is different and so she has become an outcast in Hansong. When disaster strikes Kira is forced to flee Hansong with the prince. Legend has it that the Dragon Musado is supposed to save the 7 Kingdoms but first Kira needs to find the mythological weapons necessary for the defeat of the Demon King. Right from the beginning of Prophecy, I was a huge fan of our protagonist Kira. Even though Kira is the famous Demon Slayer and warrior in the Seven Kingdoms, she is kind of an underdog. It was truly heart breaking how people mistreated Kira because she was different. My heart went out to Kira when they threw stones at her and I want to shout out loud how unfair it was! Why do people have to be so mean to other people? Kira kicked major demon behinds and I couldn't comprehend how people didn't like her. Almost every single thing that came out of Kira's mouth was extremely witty and I just loved her attitude. There's seems to be this trend in YA literature where the male protagonist needs to constantly save the female protagonist from trouble. I am tired of reading about love sick female protagonists who want their "Prince Charming" to save them. The YA genre needs more female protagonists like Kira who are independent and know what they want. Kira's attitude towards marriage definitely reminded me of Katsa but Katsa didn't turn out to be nearly as reluctant. The whole idea that Kira is independent and kick-ass goes hand in hand with her disapproval with marriage. Kira doesn't want to fall in love and she most certainly doesn't want to get married. I do have a feeling that in the next book (Warrior) there will be more of a focus on the romantic aspect of Kira's life. I have never read anything like Prophecy ever! Prophecy is truly an unique fantasy novel that shines on it's own. The whole combination of Korean Mythology with fantasy elements was brilliant and it was extremely effective. There also was some Japanese culture integrated into this novel as well. There were appearances of the daimyos who are Japanese land owners but I wished some awesome samurai scene were in Prophecy. There is a lack of romance in Prophecy but I am willing to bet that there will at least be more romance in Warrior. Kira is engaged to Shin Bo Hyun who gave me a real bad first impression. I felt like Shin came across as a jerk and a misogynist. I hope that there is no romance or chemistry between Shin or Kira in the next book. I really wish Jaewon was in more of the book because I actually liked his character. Jaewon was really interesting to read about and if Kira does decide to be in a relationship, I hope it's with Jaewon. Prophecy is an action-packed and original book that I couldn't bear to stop reading. I loved the way Oh handled dragons because I haven't seen dragons used in such a unique way. There wasn't a whole lot of dragons but there were enough dragon to sate my inner fantasy nerd. The action scenes in Prophecy are well written and there was a tremendous amount of emotion and tension in the action scenes. The action scenes weren't frivolous and just there to make the book interesting. Prophecy's action scenes help us fully understand the predicament our character is in and why it is so vital for the 7 Kingdoms to reunite. If you are looking for an action packed fantasy novel that will blow your mind, read Prophecy! I am so freaking excited for the release of Warrior, I can hardly conceal my excitement. Why must 2014 be so far away??? Fans of Kristin Cashore's Graceling will love Prophecy and will eagerly await the next installment! Now I'm off to read Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer..