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Blood Red Road (Dust Lands Trilogy)

Blood Red Road - Moira Young Find this at City of BooksDamn. Blood Red Road by Moira Young is a very unique dystopian novel. This book was very hyped but I'm glad to say it lived up to the hype. I kept on hearing that Blood Red Road was so much like the Hunger Games. I really don't think comparing Blood Red Road to the Hunger Games is fair. Yes both take place in dystopian societies and feature strong female characters but the similarities end there. Blood Red Road takes place in the Wrecker Civilization a world very different from Panem. Lugh is Saba's brother and is kidnapped by cloaked horsemen. Saba must learn how to survive in a cruel world to save her brother. The writing for this book is really great, Blood Red Road is written with grammatical, and spelling errors like Knife of Never Letting Go. Many readers complained that the writing style was difficult to read but I think it really added to the story. The writing style really was a special part of the book for me and I felt like Saba was telling me her story personally. The writing really felt personal as opposed as the usual 1st person perspective. Saba is the protagonist of Blood Red Road and she is a great character. Saba really is a bad-ass character that was very likeable. Saba had so much personality and I loved how much she cared for her siblings. Beneath all the tough exterior, I felt on the inside Saba was just a sweet person turned cruel by the world. Saba is truly one of the best characters in Young Adult Literature, she never failed to suprise me. Saba was a strong, independent, fierce, and stubborn character that you will love. She is a bit like Katniss but I would say she is more like Katsa than Katniss. In my opinion Saba was a more interesting character than Katniss. Jack is the male lead in the book and he is reminicisint of Jace Wayland (City of Bones). Jack is arrogant, cocky, blonde but he is a truly caring character. Jack and Saba were truly a wonderful couple. I really hope there is no love triangle in the next two books! The plot and pacing of Blood Red Road kept me glued to my seat reading. Blood Red Road was not very predictable because Moira Young added so many interesting plot twists and aspects. In Blood Red Road you get cage fighting, killer worms, a strong female lead, an awesome crow named Nero and a fun plot. I really would love to hear how Young came up with such interesting ideas and I really need Rebel Heart. Blood Red Road is a book that is a well written, and fast paced adventure that will make readers beg for a sequel. Blood Red Road is simply a book unlike all other dystopias with it's distinct plot and fantastic characters. It may not be the best book I have ever read but it was one of the better dystopias! Besides Rebel Heart, I also really need to read Enclave soon!