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Origin - Jessica Khoury Find this review at Scott Reads ItCheck out my interview with Jessica Khoury, the author of Origin! Imagine a world where a girl is immortal and lives in the Amazon. Sounds interesting? That's the concept of Origin, a stunning debut by Jessica Khoury. No review I could ever write could do this book justice. Pia was created to be an Immortal and she lives in Little Cam, a village in the Amazon. Her tiny village of scientists is all Pia knows and she discovers a hole in the fence that leads her into the exotic, lush and serene world of Ai'oan. A'oian are what we would call natives and she falls in love with a boy named Eio. This isn't your average Young Adult Dystopia book. For starters it takes place in a real place the Amazon. One of the best parts of Origin is the setting. Khoury expertly describes the Amazon in such an exotic, and mystical way that transports you there in seconds. Khoury's prose is extraordinary and will fascinate readers with her expert storytelling. Second of all it is not a typical love story. The romance between Pia and Eio is so heartbreaking, emotional, and surreal. Forbidden love has never been written like Origin, and Pia and Eio's love shows how love can defeat all boundaries. Their love is one of the major plots to the story but unlike in many other books, romance doesn't slow down the story, it adds to the story. Pia doesn't let love bring her down, she helps it make her stronger. Pia is one of the strongest and best heroines in YA literature and it's not because she is immortal. Origin is an original and spectacular debut from Jessica Khoury. I couldn't stop reading Origin with it's unique plot and storyline. Origin has a little bit of everything with fast paced action, adventure, romance and mystery. Origin is a dystopia like you have never seen and you won't be able to function until you reach it's satisfying conclusion. This book is a stand-alone, which not many books can claim to be in a market flooded with trilogies.Origin is more than just a love story, and mystery it's about what it means to be human. Must Read!