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Let the Sky Fall

Let the Sky Fall - Shannon Messenger Check out more reviews at Scott Reads It!How could I not read this book? This cover really is breathtaking and it immediately caught my eye. Is it even possible to hate this cover? No sirree, it's not possible because it is that perfect. Anyway after seeing that cover, I had to read the description. Windwalkers? Elementals? Sign me up! When this book came to my library, I rushed over to check it out. Let The Sky Fall is a wildly imaginative novel, this is unlike any paranormal book out there. First of all there are no vampires, werewolves, witches, or zombies in sight. Second of all the guy isn't the paranormal one, the girl is! Also this book is told in dual perspectives from both a male and female. Sure I have read tons of alternating dual perspectives but there isn't nearly of enough of these books on the market. Well done male POV is like the literary equivalent to the Holy Grail. Vane definitely deserves his own paragraph. For the most part, he reminded me of Ethan Wate from Beautiful Creatures. That's a huge compliment because Ethan is one of my favorite male characters in YA. I loved Vane's snarky personality and his comments were utterly priceless. Vane had a perfect sense of humor and almost all of his jokes were spot on (even if Audra couldn't get them). There were a few instances where I feel like Vane was a bit too into Audra, he was too lovestruck. He would notice just the simplest and most subtle things about Audra and obsess over them. Some things were extremely over-exaggarated, mainly the fart and armpit jokes. I'm a male teenager and I really don't appreciate all of the fart jokes. I felt like Messenger just put them in to appeal to males but this didn't appeal to me at all. I find fart jokes extremely revolting and immature. For some reason a few times in this book, it was mentioned that Vane's armpits smelled. What was the purpose of this? Not all guys smell, in fact I think almost all guys use deodorants. The plot moves at a brisk pace and mostly consists of training sessions between Audra and Vane. You might be groaning because you have read about characters training to defeat that antagonist. Shannon Messenger manages to keep the training sessions extremely entertaining and interesting to read. The whole mythology of the Windwalkers were extremely intricate and detail specific. I feel like I have a grasp on the world of the Windwalkers and let me say that is awesome. Screw vampires, I want to be a windwalker! Yup. Windwalkers are just that epic. The training sessions kind of reminded of John Smith's training in I Am Number Four. The romance in Let The Sky Fall was extremely sweet and engaging for the most part. There was those times when the romance became cheesiness and angsty. I loved Vane and Audra as a couple but it just became a little too overwhelming in some parts. I would like to give Messenger kudos for not making Vane and Audra instantly fall in love. Let's just hope there's not a love triangle introduced in book #2. Fans of Beautiful Creatures will be blown away by Let The Sky Fall. Shannon Messenger created characters that I truly couldn't stop rooting for! I'm extremely excited for book 2 and I would highly recommend this book! Readers will definitely enjoy this fun, humorous, romantic and a bit snarky book!