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Unspoken (Lynburn Legacy Series #1)

Unspoken - Sarah Rees Brennan Seen At Scott Reads It When I got an ARC of Unspoken in the mail I was ecstatic because I had wanted to read it for a while. I really expected a lot from Unspoken given all the glowing 5 stars reviews and all the hype that came with it. My main reason that I wanted to read Unspoken besides the reviews was that Unspoken is considered a Gothic mystery. I really loved Gothic books such as Dracula, Frankenstein and Beautiful Creatures so I expected to love Unspoken. Unspoken takes place in a small English town called Sorry-In-The-Vale. (The last time I read a book about a small English town it didn't even too well *cough cough Pagford*). Kami Glass has been in love with her imaginary friend, and she is the editor of her school's newspaper. She has been labeled as strange due to the fact that she has an imaginary friend and she is in High School. Suddenly when the Lynburns arrive in Sorry-In-The-Vale everything changes. Her personal life has taken a real change and a bunch of animal sacrifices rituals have been found in the woods. Then to make things even worse Sorry-In-The-Vale appears to be chock full of secrets and her mother appears to be have some skeletons in her closet. I'll be honest I appear to be one of the few reviewers who have a bit of mixed feelings about Unspoken. I really enjoyed the Gothic nature of Unspoken and the humor. I found myself laughing out loud multiple times during Unspoken and people were giving me looks that asked "What's wrong with you?". I didn't care because the humorous dialogue in Unspoken is spot-on perfect. This book has some of the best dialogue I have read to date because never have I ever laughed this much while reading a book. The closest I ever came to laughing this much while reading was reading The Mortal Instruments. I really liked Kami's character because she was everything I usually look for in a protagonist. She is funny, smart, and almost all business. Kami is the type of girl that when she wants something, she gets it done her way/ She is just that type of take charge person that we all would love to be. I loved how focused Kami was on exposing Sorry-In-The-Vale's secrets until the Lynburns came into town. As soon as Kami locked eyes with Ash and Jared, she wasn't as take charge or professional anymore. She was completely head over heels for Jared and she lost sight of what's important. There is a murderer on the loose and you're giving each other googly eyes and thinking of canoodling. C'mon let's save the sappy romance stuff until after everything's all safe and down. Romance can make or break a novel for me. Unspoken's love triangle is an interesting and complex plotline but I felt like it took up too much of the story. Instead of all the snooping and detective work, Kami spent an awful lot of time just flirting with Jared and Ash. Kami just didn't seem like the girl to be ogling with boys at all. She even kind of mentioned something along the lines that boys never seemed to like her. Once guys started to like her she metamorphosed into a lovelorn girl. Unspoken is one of those romantically centered novels (similar to Matched, Delirium, and Beta) and it suffers the same problem all three suffered from. When romance seems to be the main aspect of a novel, the plot often is slowly paced. Unspoken isn't as slowly paced as those titles I mentioned previously but the plot definitely could have moved a bit faster. I guess if like most readers of Unspoken you probably won't mind this. I was probably annoyed by the pace because unlike most readers I wasn't swooning over Jared and Ash. Both were well developed and interesting characters but I felt like they weren't too like-able. They both seemed controlling at times and their constant bickering with each annoyed the bejesus out of me. Plotwise Unspoken is a delight with it's various twists and turns that kept me reading. At times around the middle of Unspoken I wish it was a bit more creepy. Something that I definitely noticed in my ARC of Unspoken was that there were many awkward transitions. Usually when a book fast forwards in time or changes POV there is an indication such as a symbol or something. A couple times I flipped back a page to see if maybe I skipped over a sentence or something but I didn't. These awkward transitions didn't really affect my opinion of Unspoken much but it was a nuisance. I really loved the scenes towards the end of the book because they really caught my attention. The ending was a bit ridiculous because I felt like nothing felt resolved and that it ended too quickly. Unspoken was a real treat to read with it's fantastic setting, superb protagonist, awesome writing, and Gothic qualities. I wish Unspoken was a bit more creepy and faster paced. I did enjoy the romance but I felt like it slowed down the plot. The dialogue in Unspoken is truly astoundingly funny to the point where I laughed like a lunatic. I really enjoyed how original Unspoken was and I do look forward to reading the sequel. I hope that I enjoy the sequel and I'm really glad that a talented author like Brennan will be a co-author of the Bane Chronicles. I really look forward to reading Team Human and the Devil's Lexicon.