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The Diviners

The Diviners - Libba Bray Find this at Scott Reads ItThe Diviners by Libba Bray is nothing like what I expected (in a good way)! Diviners tells the story of Evie who is sent to New York City as a punishment and she is brought into a strange and occult situation. A twisted murderer is on the loose and Evie just may be able to stop him/her. I heard fantastic things about Diviners and so I had to read it. My biggest reason for reading this book was Libba Bray. I saw Libba Bray at a book festival, and she is hilarious. Bray is possibly one of the most interesting people and so I felt an urge to read ALL of her books. I really would love to thank Bray for just being awesome and writing a great book! I loved how this book took place in NYC during the Roaring 20's! The fact that this book took place during the 20's added such an interesting feel to the story. Who knew flappers and prohibiton were so interesting? Bray shows so many sides of 1920's New York City, both postive and negatives. The KKK, gangs, and racism make an apperance in this book to create a very genuine historical feel. Libba Bray definitely took a lot of time to research this book with all of it's historical context. Besides including tons of history, Bray also addes lots of mythology, paranormal and occult situations. I have never ever read a paranormal book like this. It is an unique story of mystery, magic, action, history, and not a lot of romance. The romance was very minimal which for me was a postive aspect. I was definitely on the edge of my seat while reading this book. Just a warning, parts of this book are pretty terrifying and you will be scared. All the characters in this book are so developed and interesting. I felt like all the characters felt so realistic and likeable. In my opinion I felt like the characters were really relatable even though it takes place over 80 years ago. The murderer is just so twisted and creepy that he will scare you out of your wits. Evie is a protagonist that is so likeable and you will definitely find yourself rooting for her during good and bad times. Evie's uncle was just so quirky just like you would expect a curator of an occult museum would be. I felt really intimitated by the enormous size of this book. In the beginning the plot moved a little slow in the beginning. Eventually the pacing really picked up and the pages just flew by. By the end I clamoring for a sequel and I am so pumped for the sequel. If you're looking for some different and unique to read, pick up Diviners!