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School Spirits (Hex Hall)

School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins Check out my blog for reviews, giveaways & more!UPDATE: There is no sequel to this book as confirmed by Hawkins :( After reading the Hex Hall series, I agreed that I would read anything by Rachel Hawkins. So when I saw there was a Hex Hall spin-off, I just had to read it. I was to excited to return to the world of the Prodigium and I am pretty disappointed. I expected at least one or two of my favorite characters from Hex Hall to make a cameo in School Spirits. You would think Sophie would visit her family members? Sophie and Archer are barely mentioned in this book and the reference is about making out. Izzy wonders how to make out with a guy and she thinks about her cousin making out with Archer. Sure Torin, Izzy, and her mother make an appearance but other than that this book is nothing like Hex Hall. The humor and wit that I loved in Hex Hall didn't really exist in this book. Almost everything that Izzy said wasn't fun in my opinion and I just didn't like Izzy as much I liked Sophie. All of the jokes didn't seem natural at all and they felt extremely awkward. I felt like Izzy was trying to way too hard to be funny but funny isn't really her thing. Basically this book is an average YA contemporary book with little segments of paranormal events sprinkled in. For a good part of the Izzy is trying to be like a normal girl and she's constantly fawning over Dex. Why did Hawkins have to mention around 20 times the magazine articles about making out and being a teenager girl? I know Izzy is a teenager but she was extremely angsty to the point where I got irritated. The paranormal aspects of this book aren't really a major focus in this book. Hawkins is more concerned with writing about Izzy's guy problems and how she deals with them than the actual paranormal trouble. The paranormal parts of the book are just your average ghost story. There is nothing truly unique about the ghost in this book and this ghost story reminds me of a 1000 or so stories I have read before. I feel like this story had the potential to be a spectacular story but Hawkins really let me down. From this review it sounds like I absolutely hated School Spirits but that's not the case. I did like Izzy even though I didn't find most of her jokes funny (I do admit that I found a few of them funny). I also really liked Dex's character because he was kind of quirky in a good way. Dex isn't really your average YA character and I appreciate that Hawkins thought outside the box when developing Dex. Another thing I enjoyed is the lack of a love triangle because YA books are saturated with them. As usual Hawkins's writing style is a treat and makes this book extremely engaging to read. Even though there were a number of things I didn't like, I still felt this urge to keep on reading. The plot twist at the end of School Spirits completely caught me off guard and I didn't see it coming (The only thing that bothered me about the ending was Izzy's mom, I didn't really expect her to agree to that ridiculous arrangement. It seemed so out of character for her considering she is so strict.) School Spirits is a pretty average contemporary/paranormal book. This book certainly isn't as good as the Hex Hall books but it is still a fun book. I was pretty disappointed with this book and I just hope the sequel to this book is better. Fans of Hex Hall will definitely enjoy this fun spin-off, I seem to be the odd man out when it comes to this book.