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The Icarus Project

The Icarus Project - Laura Quimby Seen at Scott Reads It! I did not finish reading The Icarus Project, I read about halfway before giving up. I am a sucker for a nice cover and I immediately wanted to read The Icarus Project when I saw the cover. Despite the fact that I was so excited to read The Icarus Project, I struggled to get through chapters. The Icarus Project is targeted at young children and I am not really part of the targeted audience the author was writing for. I feel like reading The Icarus Project was like watching one of cheesy romance movies because you know straight off the bat what is going to happen. After seeing the cover and reading the title, you will know what the big "plot twist" is. How can you create a mystery where the answer is in such plain sight? I don't think little kids will enjoy this book because it is rather slow paced and the story feels extremely predictable. Despite the fact that I knew what was going to happen, I tried to read more but to no avail. Even the characters weren't exactly memorable or like able in my opinion. All of the characters in The Icarus Project were rather ordinary. The Icarus Project failed to engross me and I just couldn't find the heart to continue. Maybe one day I will finish this day but I highly doubt I would pick up The Icarus Project again.