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Girl of Nightmares

Girl of Nightmares - Kendare Blake Find this review & more at Scott Reads ItPre-read: The cover is sick! I need this book now!After Reading: That was alot better than Anna Dressed in Blood! I had a bit of doubt after reading Anna Dressed in Blood to read the sequel but I'm glad I did. Thank you Stephanie for recommending this book even if you didn't love Anna Dressed in Blood. Girl of Nightmares really improved on the faults of ADiB which a sequel should do but doesn't always do. Girl of Nightmares is a book that once you start you get so engrossed into. You definitely won't want to stop anytime because it's that good. This book was alot scarier than ADiB which was one of my main complaints about ADiB. A few pages in I was completely terrified out of my wits and I really appreciate a good horror story. This book continues straight off where ADiB left off, Anna goes to hell with the Obeahman. Cas is very upset about losing Anna and tries to find a way to rescue her. Everyone tells him it's a hopeless cause but will Cas listen? I felt like I knew all the main characters alot better (except for Anna) because this book had a ton of character development. Kendare Blake has such amazing prose that really hooks the readers in with terrifying scenes and hilarious dialogue. If you really loved Anna you might be disappointed because though the book is all about her, she isn't really a main character because she is only plays a big part in the conclusion. After reading this book I feel upset and elated. I'm very upset how the way this book ended it feels like there will not be another book in this series. Please Kendare Blake write another book! Don't make me beg and pout! If she decides that there won't be a sequel I will be happy knowing how amazingly everything was tied up. I recommend this book for fans of Ten, Rot and Ruin, The Forest of Hands and Teeth and Anna Dressed in Blood.4/5 Stars