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Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone - Seen at City of BooksDaughter of Smoke & Bone is that book that is extremely hyped up and everyone seems to be obsessed with.Universal Pictures optioned DoS&B to become a motion picture and the studio is expecting it to become a huge franchise. I had huge expectations for Laini Taylor's YA novel about angels and chimeras and I was pretty disappointed. Daughter of Smoke & Bone has a spectacular premise, a blue haired girl named Karou runs errands for a chimera and falls in love with an angel named Akiva. Karou's errands usually include getting teeth for her boss Brimstone. Daughter of Smoke & Bone started off strangely entertaining but soon romance entered the story. Karou was an interesting protagonist who I really enjoyed reading about. She wasn't a helpless protagonist like many YA female characters. Her errands were really intriguing to read and was one of my favorite sections of the book. I didn't like though how quickly she became obsessed with Akiva. She meets him and BAM! she's in love! I didn't believe that they loved each other for even a second. I thought that an intelligent character like Karou wouldn't believe in love at first sight. Anyway besides being hopelessly in love, I really liked Karou. She kicked major ass and she just had a freaking awesome personality. The first half of DoS&B had alot of action-packed and pecuilar scenes that I really enjoyed. Everything went downhill when she meets an angel named Akiva. As soon as Karou met Akiva it seems like action scenes were compromised for romantic scenes. I do enjoy romances but not ridiculous and superficial romances. Karou and Akiva fall in love instantly after meeting each other based on looks which is very superficial in my opinion. They claimed they were in love with each other but truthfully they barely knew each other. I didn't really believe that they loved each other at all, their love felt more like an infatuation than true love. I don't have a problem with star-crossed lovers as long as I actually feel like it's love and not some hoax. The pacing of DoS&B for me was a bit of an issue. I felt like at times the plot moved extremely slow and nothing happened for tons of pages. Many times while reading I felt like I wanted to skim the tedious parts and just skip to the ending. Also in my opinion parts of the book were extremely confusing, this is coming from a person who read Lord of The Rings. I really think DoS&B was more confusing than Lord Of The Rings and Lord of The Rings is one of the most complex books with it's copious amount of characters. Laini Taylor's writing style was fantastic but it just couldn't save the slow-paced plot. The only problem with Taylor's writing was that sometimes I felt like she described everything in too much details. Do we really need to hear about Karou's ex's penis? Anyway I was not a big fan of DoS&B, the book was just way too slow paced for my taste. I am going to read the sequel because I heard it is more action-oriented than DoS&B. I really wanted to enjoy DoS&B but it's faults were just too numerous to ignore. I'd recommend the book considering almost everyone else enjoyed this book except for me. DoS&B was a very original and strange book but it didn't live up to it's hype.