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Game: The Sequel to "I Hunt Killers"

Game - Barry Lyga Seen at my blog, Scott Reads It I Hunt Killers was one of my favorite books last year and so I wasn't quite sure what to expect with Game. I had heard that it wasn't as good as I Hunt Killers so I was a bit hesitant in picking up this book. Game, in my opinion is a stronger book than I Hunt Killers and I couldn't stop reading it no matter what. Barry Lyga is truly a superb writer because he knows how to "hit all the right notes". He knows how to create a believable, but effective plot while still managing to develop likeable, realistic characters. Game takes everything I've loved about I Hunt Killers and expands on it tenfold making everything feel fresh and original. Game isn't as focused on Jasper's inner conflict as to whether he is capable of being a serial killer. Sure it's mentioned numerous times throughout the book but it's not part of the major plot. Game revolves around The Hat-Dog Killer and Jasper's attempt to find and stop him before it's too late. I love the mystery and intrigue that Lyga fills The I Hunt Killers books with. Game, unlike most mysteries is extremely unpredictable and I had zero clue who the killer was until he/she was revealed. Is it just me or is this book extremely creepy? Game is filled with all sorts of tidbits about serial killers and their niches. These little details helped establish this eerie, realistic aura that surrounded the book like a blindfold and slowly as the details came together; it was as if the blindfold had been removed. I can definitely see that Lyga did tons of research while writing this novel due to those intricate deals I mentioned earlier. Game is over 500 pages and yet I plowed through it in less than a day (I believe). Game has an addictive quality that I was quite evident due to the fact that I couldn't stop reading. There were so many times where I planned on stopping and taking a break because I had mundane tasks to attend to but I couldn't tear myself away from this book. Every single time I was about to stop, something extraordinary happened and I couldn't even fathom taking a break. I Hunt Killers is in development to become an ABC Family TV Show which is both good news and bad news. The good news is that I Hunt Killers and Game would make terrific TV Shows and I look forward to watching them on the small screen. The bad news is that I have a feeling that they're going to "teenify" I Hunt Killers and take away the poignant and gory sections of the book. I really hope they don't dumb it down in hopes of appealing to teens because teens will love if it's true to it's source material. Game is another superb novel written by Barry Lyga and it left me yearning for book #3. The wait till book #3 will surely be extremely tortuous because I need more Jazz. I guess while I wait for book #3, it will be an opportunity to read more of Barry Lyga's books. I'd highly recommend Game and I Hunt Killers, just make sure you're not reading it at night or if you're home alone!