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Fragments - Seen at Scott Reads It! I read Partials so long ago that I was a bit worried about reading Fragments. I really enjoyed Partials but I worried that I would be too confused because I didn't remember anything from Partials. Dan Wells does a nice job of reminding the reader what happened previously without "infodumping". Slowly, I started to recollect the plot of Partials even though I read it around a year ago or so. Partials is an excellent, original sci-fi book that I really enjoyed. If you thought Partials was slow-paced, Fragments is an even longer, slower paced book. I really think this book could have been edited better because there were just some parts that could have been shortened. The reason why it took me so long to read Fragments because of the sluggish pace. Fragments fluctuates from extremely intense, fast-paced action scenes that compelled me to read more, to slowly paced scenes that were tedious to read. I love the characters Wells created especially Marcus and Kira. Honestly I vaguely remembered Marcus from Partials but after reading Fragments I don't think I'll be able to forget him. I loved Marcus's memorable wit and humor in this dark, dystopian novel. The reader gets to learn more about Kira's intriguing past. Kira is as kick-ass as ever and I'm glad she retained her fiery attitude from book one. The romance in Fragments is very subtle and is barely in the book. Instead of focusing on romance, Wells discusses medical and scientific concepts. I love how Wells doesn't overly simplify the science, he makes the scientific concepts concise without "dumbing it down. The science nerd in me loved all of the ParaGen scientific and medical tidbits. As always Dan Wells delivers an extremely original and interesting sci-fi book. I loved how much action Dan Wells managed to pack inside this novel. I need Ruins and I really am wondering how many books this "sequence" will consist of. Thank you to Epic Reads for providing me with an ARC of Fragments.