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The School for Good and Evil

The School for Good and Evil - Soman Chainani Seen at Scott Reads It "No wonder princesses were so impotent in fairy tales...If all they could do was smile, stand straight, and speak to squirrels, then what choice did they have but wait for a boy to rescue them." I love fairy tales even though they can be the most cliche stories. There's just some magical and mind blowing about fairy tales even though most of them end with a happily ever after. I even love the gruesome, classic Grimm Fairy Tales which are quite entertaining. I went into The School For Good And Evil with pretty high expectations and for the most part I enjoyed this book. The School Of Good And Evil revolves around two friends, Sophie and Agatha, who are so different from each other. Sophie is the princess type with her blonde hair and urge to find her true love. Agatha doesn't really care about such silly things such as love. Somehow Sophie ends up in the School For Evil while Agatha ends up in The School For Good. Both girls feel that they don't belong at their school and want out of this fate. Soman Chainani does a superb job of creating such a vivid and magical world. I loved reading the descriptions of each of the schools and their quirky classes. The School For Good And Evil was a fabulous backdrop to this book and I loved reading about this strange world. Each school was really awesome in their own way but I don't think I'd fit in at either school at all. It's a bit hard to read a book when you don't like one of the protagonists. I really disliked Sophie, I know this was the author's intention but I couldn't bare reading about her. She was extremely superficial, irritating, self-centered, and snobby. Chainani did a great job of making Sophie a very realistic and developed character but I couldn't stand her. Thankfully by the end of the book, Sophie had evolved as a character and she was certainly more likeable. Agatha is the star of The School For Good And Evil and I couldn't help but love her from the get go. I love how Agatha pokes fun at princesses (see quote above) and fairy tales. Agatha was an extremely loyal friend to Sophie even though Sophie wasn't so kind to her. If I was Agatha, I probably would have ditched Sophie if she treated me the way she treated Agatha (This is probably why I would never be apart of The School Of Good). Agatha was the kind of character that I definitely could relate to and I hope to see more of her in the sequel. Pacing is a bit of an issue in this book and I feel like the plot moved a bit too slow at times. Also I think this book is a bit too long for the middle grade audience it's targeted towards and this book could have been shortened a bit. This book is nearly 500 pages and I felt there were times when my attention wavered and I was a bit disinterested in this book. Overall The School For Good And Evil was a delight to read and I'm definitely excited for book #2. This book may be targeted towards children but I definitely think this book has some crossover appeal. I think many Young Adults and Adults will love this book even though they are not the intended audience. I heard that the movie rights to this book have already been sold and I think this book would make a fabulous movie. Fans of Once Upon A Time will love this magical, spellbinding story of what it means to discover who you are. Thank you to HarperCollins for providing me with an ARC in exchange for a honest review.