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1984 - Find this review at Scott Reads It"Freedom is the freedom to say two plus two is four."To say 1984 is an amazing and powerful novel is the understatement of the century. Never have I ever read a book so powerful and meaningful. 1984 is a book that transcends time because 1984 will always be pertinent. Orwell created a timeless tale about power, freedom, and social classes. No review I could ever write could do 1984 justice but I shall try.1984 is a dystopian novel complete with action, romance, and politics. I'll be honest here. Normally I don't read serious literature and I hate politics. Reading 1984 was me metaphorically "putting on my big boy pants" , it showed how my reading taste matured. Enough about me, this is a review not the Scott show! The plot moves at such a brisk pace and you'll be glued to your seat. Even if you hate politics like my teenage self you will love 1984. Orwell creates political situations that will allure even the most unwilling readers. There are few dull moments in 1984, the majority of whom take place in "the book".No 1984 review could ever be complete without mentioning Oceania. Oceania is the totalitarian society in which 1984 takes place and I know where I'm not going on vacation. Oceania makes Panem look like a walk in the park and it is far more horrible than I expected. No sane person could go live there without going insane because it's a living hell. Orwell really created the perfect hell-hole for his masterpiece and it's mindblowing.I really loved how Orwell created his own language "Newspeak" for 1984. Newspeak added an interesting feel to the novel because it further the novel's themes and motifs. I really wonder if aficionados of 1984 speak Newspeak like trekkies speak Klingon and LOTR fans speak Elvish. Orwell definitely spent a lot of time coming up with Newspeak and I do appreciate his efforts.1984 is a haunting novel that once you read it, it will stay with you forever. I won't ever be able to forget the horrifying Part III because how powerful and moving it was. 1984 is a novel that will make you question yourself and society. The best kind of books make you think even after you finish and such is the case with Orwell's masterpiece. The 3rd person narration instead of hindering the pacing, it enhances it by adding more emotional depth to the book.1984 is a novel that will give you new perspectives on people, society, and law. Is Ignorance really bliss? Is lying okay if it's for the greater good? Is the needs of the many more important than the needs of the few? I can tell why 1984 is considered classic literature and I hope it continues to be read for it's important messages. Even if 1984 doesn't seem like your thing, I'd still recommend giving it a shot. 1984 has given me a reason to pick up Animal Farm and I hope I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed 1984.