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Parasite - Mira Grant Check out Scott Reads It! for giveaways, reviews & more! Parasite is one strange novel that will make your head spin and your heart pound with fear and anticipation. I am at a loss for words to describe just how insane and terrifying this book is. Truthfully, I can't think of a similar title to compare this book to, but I have a feeling that fans of Michael Crichton will love this book. Parasite is a terrifying, real vision of the future of the world and it isn't a pretty sight. This book will give you nightmares, phobias, and will haunt your everyday thoughts, don't say I didn't warn you. This book starts off a bit slow with tons of character development and background about SymboGen Corporation. I actually enjoyed this part because it helped delve deeper into the world of SymboGen and helped further my understand of who Sally truly is. Grant handles all of Sally's emotions and feelings in a way that helps the reader understand her plight. I definitely felt for Sally, but I still felt like she acted like an insolent child who had to throw tantrums to get her way. The way Sally develops throughout the novel is truly remarkable; Sally changes from a heroine that I could barely tolerate to a character I could admire. I was so proud of Sally by the end of the novel when she finally put on her "big girl panties" and she finally acted like an adult.Grant has a talent for making the scientific concepts easy to comprehend for laymen like me. All of the scientific concepts in Parasite are explained in a way that is both realistic and just absolutely frightening. I never felt like anything was too complicated for me to comprehend and I was fascinated by the science of parasitology. I might just have Parasitophobia; thanks to Mira Grant! I have a feeling readers of Parasite are going to need to join my unofficial Parasitophobia support group, those little suckers are terrifying! Honestly Mira Grant is such an incredible author for crafting a story that is horrifying as it is realistic. I truly never saw that shocking plot twist around the 50% mark and it was just so odd. I felt as if Mira Grant enjoyed playing with her readers' emotions, because this book gave me all the feels. This is one action-packed, science heavy, book that will surprise at you at every twist and turn. I really love how Grant incorporated the media in this book incorporating snippets of fake interviews, and books. After reading Parasite, I desperately need to read Feed and I can't wait to start it. Parasite was such a shocking read that is filled to the brim with tense action-packed scenes that will keep you turning the pages. This book is definitely one of the best adult books of 2013 by far! Parasite doesn't end on the last page; you'll be thinking about this book long after you finish.