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Scarlet - Seen at Scott Reads It!Rating: 4.5 StarsThere are no spoilers for Scarlet or Cinder. I read Cinder over a year ago and I was completely obsessed with it. I loved everything about Cinder: the characters, the plot, the writing, the setting, and the fairy tale elements. I wasn't sure if I would enjoy Scarlet because Cinder was such a tough act to follow. Despite my skepticism, I loved Scarlet! Scarlet follows Scarlet Benoit as she tries to find her missing Grandma. Soon Scarlet gets entangled with a street fighter named Wolf who has the potential to help Scarlet on her mission. Soon Scarlet and Cinder's fates will cross in an unimaginable way! Scarlet is such an epic character. I knew from the beginning of the book that I would love Scarlet.She was just so determined to find her Grandma, and plus she kicked ass. Scarlet was so brave and I felt like she was fearless. If I had went through everything Scarlet went through, I would be a wreck. Scarlet doesn't let everyone's negativity bring her down she uses all of the hate as motivation to achieve her goal of finding her goal. I love the romance between Scarlet and Wolf because it felt realistic even though they never each other for a couple of days. Despite Wolf's tough name and rough exterior, on the inside I felt like he was a total teddy bear. I really hope to see Wolf and Scarlet's relationship evolve in Cress. All of the new characters were just incredible. Thorne is a character that I both hated and loved at the same time. On one hand Thorne was a complete sleaze but on the other hand he was very chivalrous and brave. Even though I was a fan of Thorne, I am super glad that there wasn't any romance between Thorne and Cinder because I can't handle any more love triangles. Any more love triangles and I might just implode from all of the cheesiness! Kai. Why do you do this to me? I really missed the romance between Kai and Cinder in this book. Every single time he had to deal with Queen Levana, I wanted to scream at him: "Cinder isn't your enemy!! You love her." I can't believe Kai did what he did at the end of Scarlet but I guess he did what he thought was best for everyone else. I just hope that Kai and Cinder are reunited in Cress because I really missed seeing them together in Scarlet. Marissa Meyer deftly reimagines the tale of Red Riding Hood in such a brilliant way. I really love how Cinder's story was integrated into Scarlet's story and how their stories overlap. I didn't see any of the plot twists coming at all and they caught me completely off guard. Now I'm just wondering how will Marissa Meyer connect Cinder and Scarlet's story to Rapunzel's story and how in the world Cress will take place in the Sahara Desert. Scarlet is the fantastic follow up to Cinder and I was really impressed with the way Meyer handled the story. The new characters introduced in Scarlet were absolutely brilliantly done but I just wish Prince Kai was shown more in the book. I desperately need to read Cress pronto, why does 2014 have to be so far away???