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Midnight City (Conquered Earth)

Midnight City - J. Barton Mitchell Check out Scott Reads It! for reviews, giveaways, & more! I'll be honest, I was really expecting to like Midnight City. I love alien books like I Am Number Four, The 5th Wave, and Icons. Aliens books are becoming a popular trend in YA and a ton of them have been released recently. I know it's not fair to compare Midnight City to other alien books that I've read, but Midnight City didn't really measure up to those books. To say I'm disappointed with Midnight City is an understatement, I definitely expected more from this book. A lot of readers have enjoyed this title and this book has quite high ratings on Goodreads. It pangs me to give Midnight City such a low rating, but this book wasn't for me. There wasn't much character development at all and the whole book is basically scenes where the characters are on the run. There is non-stop action scene, after scene and the reader never gets an opportunity to fully understand who the main characters are. I have read a bunch of books where the whole "We're being chased by evil" has been done better, and so I just never felt compelled to read more. I think that if I had read this a year or two ago when I was not as familiar with the YA genre, I would have enjoyed this more. There is a whole lot of typical YA tropes that I am all too familiar with and by now, I'm really tired of reading the same-old sci-fi books. Mitchell does bring a few, original ideas in Midnight City, but they are outweighed by a mediocre plot and uninteresting characters. The whole idea that people could build artifacts that held special abilities was pretty cool, but I didn't really buy it. Could a quarter really have so much power and be used to unlock a powerful weapon? I know a reader's job is to set-aside their beliefs and how impossible things in novels can be, but I couldn't believe this ridiculous concept. I never really got immersed in the plot of Midnight City and I had to push myself to slog through the entire book. I can't imagine myself continuing this series due to my poor experience reading Midnight City. Midnight City isn't a bad book by any means, it just wasn't the right book for me.