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What's Left of Me (Hybrid Chronicles Series #1)

What's Left of Me (Hybrid Chronicles Series #1) - Find this review at Scott Reads ItWhat's Left of Me is a futuristic novel set in a society where people are born with two souls. One soul is dominant over the other and eventually the other recessive soul will lose power and there will be one soul in control of the body. People with two souls that haven't settled are called Hybrids and have been eliminated by the futuristic USA. The USA has cut off all foreign contacts because of these Hybrid countries. Right now you might be thinking: "Wow what an original concept!" or you might say "Is some sort of imitation of the Host?". The Host by Stephenie Meyer created the idea of a dominant and recessive soul in a body. In the beginning I was a bit reluctant to read because I had already read the Host and loved it and didn't think any novel could ever use the soul idea successfully. The more I read of Kat Zhang's debut the more I wanted to read. I applaud Kat Zhang for taking what I loved about the Host and spinning a fabulous new story with the idea. Most of the characters in this book were realistically written and I felt like I knew them. What's Left of Me isn't a generic dystopia with a female lead because it shines on it's own with a fast paced story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I have read so many dystopias lately because honestly the YA market has been flooded with them and this is one of the better dystopias. My only complaint is toward the end I got a bit bored and I think the book should have end with a cliffhanger because the ending felt a bit anticlimatic.Recommended for fans of the Host, Uglies, Dystopias in general and Starters.4/5 StarsP.S. *Thank you HarperCollins for providing me a digital ARC and a physical ARC! I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the 2nd installment of the Hybrid Chronicles*.