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The Scorpio Races

The Scorpio Races - Maggie Stiefvater *Note- THERE ARE NO SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW*Dear Goodreads Members, Like many of you I decided to read the Scorpio Races after hearing it was so good. The Scorpio Races are races that take place every November. In this book the water horses are called capall uisce and were very original. The romance in this book was kinda cute but I just couldn't stand some things in this book. I start reading with very high expectations because people compared it to the Hunger Games. Let's get this straight; the Hunger Games and Scorpio Races are two different books. There are not many similarities between the two books. Both books are targeted toward Young Adults, take place in interesting societies, have a female protagonists, and feature odd creatures. At first I enjoyed this book and I thought I was going to love it The Scorpio Races is from the point of a guy named Sean and a girl named Puck. At first I thought it was from the point of a view of two boys because Puck sounded like a guy. I know Puck is a tom boy but it wasn't until Maggie told us her name was Kate I didn't know. When I was reading the book I kept having to flip back and see if it was Sean or Puck. I felt that their voices weren't distinct enough. There are books written in the POVs of males and females like Across the Universe where the technique is done well. I thought that many of the chapters were too short, many were only a page long. Many scenes in the book felt way too slowly paced and there were way too many deaths. I mean I don't care if a book has a lot of deaths if the deaths are emotional like the deaths in the Hunger Games. I felt that when many of the characters died I didn't feel anything. Maggie didn't develop these characters or give me enough reason to feel empathy for them. The pacing was so slow. I can't stress how slow the pace in the book was. I don't understand how the book is called the Scorpio Races yet the Scorpio Races only take up 10 or so pages. The Scorpio Races was the best part of the book. The action and suspense in those 10 pages was how I wished the whole book was like. The ending felt very rushed and didn't feel complete in my opinion. My opinion of the book: I guess if you like romance books you'll enjoy this book. I thought the romance between Sean and Puck was sweet. There isn't alot of action in this book except for the ending. Who knows you might like this book! I am part of the minority who didn't enjoy this book. You might read the book and do the Dumbledore dance. -Scott