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Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking Series #3)

Monsters of Men (Chaos Walking Series #3) - Seen at Scott Reads It "War makes monsters of men" Patrick Ness's conclusion to Chaos Walking exceeded my expectations entirely. Monsters of Men is chock full of plot twists that kept me cringing and cheering for my favorite characters. When I finished it I was entirely upset not about the ending but how Chaos Walking was over. The ending was satisfyingly dramatic as I expected but I really wish Patrick Ness would announce a new novel or series. The quote I referenced "War makes monsters of men" is where the title is derive from and it is definitely a fitting title. Monsters of Men is almost entirely a war between the Spackle, the Answer and the Mayor. The action scenes in Monsters of Men were brutally action-packed and I couldn't stop reading. I felt so overcome with emotion during this book and I was tempted to just ignore everything around me while reading. I really enjoyed seeing Todd's metamorphosis change from a little boy in Knife of Never Letting Go to a mature man in Monsters of Men. Monsters of Men isn't just purely entertaining because it also a powerful and deep novel. Patrick Ness explores topics such as terrorism heroics, colonialism, and so much more. What does being a terrorist mean? Do the needs of the many exceed the needs of the few? What does it mean to be a humane person? Is doing the wrong thing okay in the name of love? Patrick Ness really created a novel that really makes you question what does it mean to be human and your morals. After reading Monsters of Men 3 days ago, it wasn't over for me because I kept thinking about it. Monsters of Men will make shatter all your beliefs and have you questioning what does it mean to be good or evil. Honestly no review could ever compare to this novel of epic proportions. I kid you not this is one powerful and heart-breaking book that only a Grinch wouldn't like. Patrick Ness's understanding of human nature makes everything I have ever been told look primitive. I really enjoyed how the point of view in Monsters of Men alternates very frequently because it gives you so many different outlooks on the New World.I really enjoyed 1017's point of view because we saw an entirely new angle of the Spackle unlike we have ever seen. There are not some dumb natives, the Spackle are a people entirely corrupted and destroyed by the settlers. 1017's narration was brutal but unfeigned we see how the Settlers completely destroyed their way of life selfishly and how the Spackle try to defend their culture. Viola and Todd's perspectives were also fascinating to read because we got to see the war from both opposing sides. Even when Todd or Viola did something horribly wicked, I didn't care because I know they had good intentions. It was very interesting to see how they conquered all obstacles and defied all limits with their relationship. Todd and Viola are definitely my favorite literary couple because they are absolutely perfect for each other. I could honestly blog all day about how much I love the two of them but I'm not going to. Monsters of Men left me speechless and it's hard to express how much I loved this book. Patrick Ness is a literary god who needs to write more books for the sake of his readers. The writing style of Monsters of Men is compelling enough to make you want to read this whopper of a book in one sitting. There's no review I could ever write that could justify my love for this mind-blowing book. Everything in Monsters of Men is just so perfect: the action, the adventure, the romance, and the plot twists. I don't have anything negative at all to say about this book and I really think Chaos Walking deserves more hype. I'm sorry for rambling and rambling but I just need to unbottle about this genre-bending book. Excuse me while I continue to fanboy and rant about how spectacular this series is.