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Pretties (Uglies Trilogy, Book 2)

Pretties - Scott Westerfeld Find this @ City of Books I had very mixed feelings about Pretties, the second books in The Uglies series. Pretties was definitely entertaining but it couldn't compare to Uglies. Pretties is written in the slang of Pretties which was a very over-whelming and annoying style. Every five seconds the words "bubbly" and "bogus" were used and I just couldn't stand it at all. I understand Pretties are supposed to be "airheads" and simpleminded but I felt Westerfeld overused his slang. Most of the characters from Uglies return in Pretties but we are also introduced to some new characters. Pretties introduces a love interest for Tally thus creating a love triangle. I am really sick and tired of all these love triangles in YA books because they are way too overused. A love triangle didn't really add much to Pretties at all and just was pretty unnecessary. Zane was a likable character but he just wasn't developed enough. Zane lacked emotional depth that could set him apart from other love interests. I really liked the world-building of Uglies and I hoped Westerfeld would have developed it more in Pretties. Westerfeld added what life was like outside the city but I still want to know more about the city itself. Pretties really had an opportunity to strengthen the Pretty and Ugly Cities but that never happened. This was a really disappointing factor for me because Uglies had such interesting world building. Pretties was a bit cliche and I definitely knew what was going to happen next in the novel. When reading I like to be surprised with plot twists but I saw most of Pretties's twists coming. Maybe I have just read way too many dystopias because I felt like Pretties was nothing new. At the end there was a plot twist that I definitely didn't see coming though and that may have been the only surprising twist in the book. Sometimes I felt like Pretties was pretty much Uglies with a love triangle because the plots were very similar. It sounds like I didn't really like Pretties considering all my critique but that is not the case. Pretties was an entertaining read but I felt like it was just like any other dystopian novel I read. Pretties didn't add anything special to the Dystopian genre and followed basically the same plot-line of Uglies. Pretties was a good and entertaining read but I don't think I'll be reading Specials.