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Man Made Boy

Man Made Boy - Jon Skovron Check out Scott Reads It! for reviews, giveaways, & more! Man Made Boy is a mishmash of so many genres; it's a paranormal novel mixed with mythology, cyberpunk, fantasy, romance, and coming of age elements. I know it's a lot of genres and some readers might worry that Man Made Boy would be convoluted and full of plot holes. Man Made Boy is the complete opposite of convoluted; everything is well crafted, well thought-out and very intriguing. If you think you've read strange books, then you're in for a wake up call when you read Man Made Boy. It's Tim Burton meets Mary Shelley and C.S. Lewis; it's absolutely unbelievable how many mythological and paranormal creatures make cameos in Man Made Boy. This book was a pandora's box of creatures, the more I read the more creatures would surprisingly appear in the story. All of the creatures are odd and peculiar in their own ways and readers will be in awe of them throughout the story. Jon Skovron is one of the few authors who can manage such a large ensemble of characters without making the story thin and transparent. Something that always bothers me in YA is how teenagers are usually portrayed, especially guys. A lot of YA books don't really understand what it means to be a teenager or what teenagers ACTUALLY act like. Jon Skovron shows in Man Made Boy that he understands all of the feelings and emotions that teenagers feel on a daily basis. This understanding clearly translates to the page with Boy's character. I empathized with him and I absolutely understood his struggles and the cavalcade of emotions that were rushing through him. Boy may be considered a "monster" but he's just as humans as the rest of us are; he lies, judges people, doesn't always do the right thing but his imperfections are what make him so real. He feels constant pressure from his parents; Boy is stuck between doing what he wants and what his parents are pushing him to do. Jon Skovron really the hit the bull's eye with Boy and I have a feeling that Boy will strike a chord with so many readers. Man Made Boy constantly moves along at a fast pace and there never seems to be a dull moment. Since Boy is on the run for most of the book, there is a shift in setting periodically. The setting changes are swift, well-done, and are integrated into the plot in a perfectly executed manner. Man Made Boy's plot may be a mix of mythology, fantasy, and paranormal aspects, but at heart it's really a coming-of-age story. If you look past all the monsters and creatures, Boy's journey is about running away from your problems and growing up. I love how Skovron combines reality and fictional aspects to show readers' how growing up isn't easy, but is extremely necessary. I'm making it seem as if Man Made Boy is a completely serious, no nonsense kind of book, but it's far from that. Man Made Boy is filled with light-hearted humor and was an extremely fun read. I love Man Made Boy and I am confident that so many readers will fall in love with Boy and his amazing story. Man Made Boy is one of a kind, this a book that is not to be missed! I am extremely impressed with Jon Skovron and his writing abilities; this may have been the first book I've read by him, but it won't be the last. Man Made Boy is a wonderful, monstrously fun book that readers everywhere will devour.