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Gravity (Taking 1)

Gravity - Melissa West 1.5 Stars Seen At Scott Reads It! Gravity arrived on the market with alot of potential and hype. If you scroll through Goodreads you'll see tons of 5 Star reviews praising Gravity. I saw an article the other day that talked that there was possible a Gravity movie in the works. Clearly I am the odd man out here because I didn't enjoy Gravity. Don't. Ever. Peek. In Gravity aliens are "hosting" off of humans at night to get antibodies. The humans are forced to wear some sort of blindfold so they don't see whose hosting off them. Ari peeks and sees Jackson who tells her she has to help him save the Earth. Ari wants to help Jackson but helping him would mean betraying her family and all of humanity. I came into Gravity expecting to love it because it sounded so original and awesome. I have only read a few alien books (The Host, all 3 I Am Number Four books, Cinder, etc.) but I really enjoyed them all. Gravity has an awesome concept but it never reaches its full potential. The job of a science fiction writer is to make you believe that even the most preposterous things can happen in their novel. The world building of Gravity is definitely lacking and we barely know anything about the world that exists in the novel.I had a hard time believing that aliens could travel through trees and could take away people's antibodies. I wanted to believe that this could be feasible but Melissa West doesn't explain and describe all of the extraterrestrial aspects of Gravity in enough detail. You would think that a novel revolving around the Taking, would explain it thoroughly? The reader never gets the opportunity to comprehend the Taking truly is. I had to force myself to keep on reading because I really lacked any motivation to keep on reading. I failed to find anything special about this book. It felt too bland and unoriginal to appeal to me but I refused to quit reading. I convinced myself that there was going to be this spectacular ending and I would be wowed. It turns out I was wrong because the ending was unsatisfactory (like the rest of the novel). The characters in Gravity were rather undeveloped and a bit on the bland side. Ari is extremely gullible and she trusts Jackson for no apparent reason. Jackson is supposed to be her sworn enemy and she decides to betray her family for Jackson right after meeting him. Girl, you don't even know him and you're choosing him over the Human race and your family! You would think Ari would be smarter considering she's supposed to be the future commander of the army. Not only does she instantly trust Jackson, she's also head over heels for him immediately. Jackson and Ari have a case of insta-love and their romance seems to move at a unrealistically fast rate. I felt like Jackson and Ari seemed to lack any chemistry at all! Their romance felt superficial and completely fake to me. Both Jackson and Ari were pretty generic and they lacked anything unique about them. I guess it all boils down to the fact that I hard trouble believing in the aliens or anything else in Gravity. All of the science fiction elements of Gravity didn't feel authentic or plausible to me. Jackson and Ari were two extremely unrealistically developed and their relationship didn't feel genuine. I fail to see what is the big deal about this novel and I wouldn't read the sequel.