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The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus)

The Mark of Athena - Rick Riordan Seen at Scott Reads It **Thank you to Disney-Hyperion for providing me with a finished copy in exchange for a honest review** The hardest reviews are for me to write are for the books that I really enjoyed reading. In my opinion it's easy to nitpick and criticize aspects of a book. The Mark Of Athena is book #3 in the Heroes Of Olympus series and I can't get enough Rick Riordan. I was a bit worried going into this book because it feels like so long ago that I devoured Son Of Neptune. Riordan immediately drew me in the first chapter and my attention didn't waver much at all. It's really hard for me to concentrate on reading one book at a time when a book is as lengthy as the Mark of Athena is. Nearly 8 years ago Rick Riordan published The Lightning Thief and yet his recent books still have as much momentum as his older books. In 8 years Riordan's writing style is still roughly the same as is the humor and devotion he puts into the creation of his characters. I'll be honest as much as I love The Heroes Of Olympus, I am a bigger fan of the original Percy Jackson series. Mark Of Athena has so much going on with all of it's many subplots. Annabeth was given by her mother (Athena) a mission to find The Mark Of Athena in Rome. Of course getting to Rome is easier said than done and many obstacles pop up to distract our heroes and heroines. One of the major differences between The Mark Of Athena and the original Percy Jackson series is the alternating perspectives. The alternating perspective is definitely an effective and interesting tool that really worked well in Mark of Athena. Each of the different perspectives were very distinct in MoA and unique unlike in alot of novels where the perspectives all seem to sound exactly the same. Of all the characters we got to hear from, my favorite was of course Annabeth. I really missed Annabeth's awesome personality and resourcefulness. The plot in Mark of Athena is quite remarkable because Riordan manages to mesh so many Greek mythical characters in just so few pages. My favorite encounter with a mythical character in this book I have got to say is Leo's encounter with Narcissus. The whole encounter with Narcissus was very unexpected but still very fitting. Team Leo all the way! (If you read MoA, you totally get what I'm talking about!). That ending and cliffhanger was excruciating yet still incredibly awesome. I really wish I could have read The House Of Hades immediately after MoA because that cliffhanger was that spectacular. The romance in MoA is definitely secondary to the action and adventure but it's still important nevertheless. When Percy and Annabeth had their little reunion, I am not gonna I lie my smile was probably so big that they saw it in Russia. The interactions between Percy and Annabeth were really sweet and touching. The added love triangle wasn't as interesting as Percy and Annabeth's relationship but it still was a well executed concept. I really enjoyed reading Mark Of Athena and I'm so excited for House of Hades. I really hope that we see more of Chiron, Grover, and Nico because I felt like they were lacking in MoA. The action and adventure in MoA is nothing short of perfect. As always the modernization of classical Greek myths was simply genius and was one of my favorite parts of MoA. To all my friends who haven't read any of Rick Riordan's books, what are you waiting for? If you haven't read any of Rick Riordan's books, you're really missing out!