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Glitch (Glitch - Trilogy)

Glitch - Heather Anastasiu Seen at City of BooksRating: 1.5 Stars A while ago I filled out one of those Google Doc forms to get an ARC of Glitch. As the release date of Glitch grew closer, I realized that I was not going to receive an ARC. When I came home one day there was a package from someone named Heather Anastasiu and I was pretty confused. I didn't know who it was and why they were sending me a package. Anyway it turns out after Glitch's publication, Mrs. Anastasiu sent me a signed finished copy of the book. I'm really grateful to Mrs. Anastasiu for being such a kind woman and providing me with a copy of Glitch in exchange for a honest review. If I didn't own Glitch, I probably would have never picked it up due to the overwhelming amount of negative reviews. If you are reading this review, brace yourself for an extremely long review because I had very mixed feelings about Glitch. Glitch takes place in the Community where citizens have a computer chip that limits all emotions and rendering citizens into mindless drones. The citizens are considered the Community, a group of people that act and think exactly the same. Glitchers are the exception to this Community and they are considered anomalies. If you can see colors, experience emotions, or express feelings then you are a threat to the community. These anomalies or Glitchers have super powers like telekinesis or foresight (the ability to see the future). I loved the idea of a society of rebels who have superpowers but all the powers in Glitch were pretty lame. I loved the concept of Glitch but it was executed poorly. Glitch moved at an extremely slow pace with little happening for hundreds of pages. I kept wanting to see some awesome scenes where our protagonist, Zoe uses telekinesis. Instead of reading about these superpowers I had to stomatch angsty dialogues revolving around the character's emotions. The reader keeps on hearing from Zoe how it is such a pain to have emotions and how see understands why the Community has supressed emotions. Evidence #1: "What if the community is right? Wouldn't it better to never feel hurt or pain? Aren't we better off.." - ZoeThe fact that our character agrees with the dystopian society she supposedly is rebelling against is absurd. Why are you supporting something you don't even believe in? Also if you are supporting the right to have emotions and feelings, why do you constantly whine about how troublesome and horrible it is to have emotion? Zoe failed to convince me that the Community was such a horrible place at all and it was sick how she revolted against a society she supported. In addition to the lack of actions, the readers spends way too much time listening to Zoe ramble about her love for two different boys. She is constantly complaining about both boys yet she is infatuated with both of them. There are tons of scenes where the two boys just spend time arguing over her and who is better for her. Another portion of Glitch is Zoe debating whether her a society where pain doesn't exist is a postive aspect. I don't mind the contemplation if it's thought-provoking and meaningful but Zoe is rather simple-minded and agrees with her society (see Evidence #1). There is rarely any tension or conflict in any of the scenes of Glitch at all. Whenever Zoe, Adrien and Max are in some risky situation there is zero tension or conflict due to Adrien's prophetic ability to see the future. In all of these situations when you think some sort of conflict will rise, Adrien has a vision and says something like "Guys I had a vision we'll be okay." Anastasiu poorly uses clairvoyance and as a result Glitch feels rather anticlimatic. Glitch has one of the most irritating and frustrating bunch of characters I have ever read about. Zoe is simply irritating because she is very fickle and simple-minded. Her constant debates over Max and Adrien annoyed the shiz out of me. Also the fact that she only supported the "Rez" because of her love interest Adrien bothered me immensely. How can you support a resistance that you don't even believe in? All that matter to Zoe were her petty infatuations with guys who only wanted to have sex with her and didn't care about her at all. Both love interests in Glitch's love triangle were horrendously done and were possibly the two most unromantic characters ever. Adrien only wants to get physical with her and constantly supports the vile Max. Adrien constantly tells Zoe that she should be with Max and then one second later Adrien tells Zoe he is better for her. Max is a real piece of work as seen by this quote:Evidence #2: "Pleasure is a wonderful. Really. I'm surprised that you haven't found it on your own. I thought anyone glitching would discover it right away like I did. Can I look at your genitals?" - MaxMax was a total creep and he also just wanted to be physical with her. I can't believe he just straight up asked to see her genitals! Max is one of those characters who creeped the shiz out of me and I fail to comprehend why Zoe even liked him. Max is a jerk who after one thing and one thing only: sex. I really hope that there is no Team Max because Max was the definition of creep. If I ever bother to look up Max in the dictionary I will see a picture of that creepy sex-crazed loser. Another instance where Max annoyed me was when he talks about cake. Evidence #3: "Zoe it's not like that. There's no danger. Don't you see? We don't have to escape. We can be safe right here. We can stay and eat cake ever night and drink wine till it's coming out our ears." -MaxI fail to understand what is wrong with Max. Prior to this quote he kept trying to convince Zoe to join the resistance and run away with her. Once he discovers that the Community has cake and wine he suddenly loves the Community. What happened to the big bad Community he was hating on before? All it took was a piece of cake to convince the idiotic and gullible Max that society wasn't so horrible. If every single time Max acted like a total jerk or idiot I donated $ to charity, I would be broke and forced to sell all of my belongings. This review in a nutshell:Glitch was one of the worst books I have ever read. There is tons of cheesy romance, idiotic characters, angsty and meaningless dialogue, and terrible world building. Anastasiu lacked originality when writing Glitch even the names lack originality. I mean c'mon the resistance is named Rez; I can't believe Anastasiu couldn't of a more original or clever name. The pacing of Glitch is horrendously slow with nothing happening for pages and pages. The fact that I gave it 1.5 stars was extremely generous. There is little I liked about Glitch except for the first few chapters and the ending with all of it's plot twists. Would I bother reading the sequels? Aliens would have to abduct me and torture me for hours on end to even remotely consider reading the sequel.