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Soulbound (The Legacy of Tril Series #1)

Soulbound - Heather Brewer I have read all of Heather Brewer's books and really enjoyed them all. When I found out she had a new series called Legacy of Tril I was elated. I had to get my hands on Soulbound and really was excited to read it. Soulbound is a very different book than all of Heather's other books. Soulbound is a fantasy romance while Vlad Tod and Slayer Chronicles are paranormal fiction. To really understand Soulbound you need to understand the original world of Tril Barrons and Healers are Soulbound. Barrons have a job to protect their Healer with their fighting skill and kill Graplars. Graplars are creatures that have sharp teeth and will kill. Healers heal their Barrons in battle with a single touch. Tril is a world run by Protocol which is guidelines for Barrons and Healers. Protocol states that a Healer must be bound to a Barron. Kaya's parents lost their Soulbound (soulmate) Healers in a battle and have fallen in love. This is against protocol since they are both healers. Kaya has grown up away from all the Protocol drama but one day receives a letter from Shadow Academy. Basically she has to go and learn to become a healer or her parents die. Kaya goes and is Soulbound to a Barron but Kaya wants to learn to fight and Healers aren't supposed to fight because they are subservient to their Barron. I liked the world Heather Brewer created because it really was unique. The plot wasn't so unique, girl goes to boarding school, girl makes enemies with teachers, girl falls in love with two guys, etc. I did enjoy the book and the pages flew by. The love triangle was okay, one of the guys was kind of irritating. Both of Kaya's lovers were pretty stereo typical guys in YA fiction. I did like how Kaya was strong and wanted to be able to protect herself. Though the book was pretty predictable I did enjoy Soulbound and I am going to read Soulbroken (which I hope will be less cliche). 3/5 Stars