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Ashfall (Ashfall (Trilogy - Hardcover))

Ashfall - Mike Mullin Seen at Scott Reads It I was recommended to read Ashfall a while ago by my friend Jay and I'm really glad I picked it up. Ashfall was simply incredible and haunting novel that really scared the bejesus out of me. Ashfall is one of the most frightening dystopian novels I have read because it could really happen. After reading Ashfall I admit that I have a fear of supervolancoes and Yellowstone Park. I loved everything about Ashfall! The characters in Ashfall were perfectly and realistically developed. While reading Ashfall, I felt like Alex and Darla weren't figments of Mullin's imagination but that they were real people. Alex and Darla are one of the best couples I have read about because their relationship felt so genuine. Darla never ceased to amaze me with her technology skills. I know that if I was ever stuck in a situation like the one in "Ashfall" I know that I wouldn't be as resourceful and genius as Alex and Darla. I really enjoyed seeing how Alex grew as a person because of the ashfall. Ashfall is the best survivor story I have read for sure. Unlike most dystopian books that I have ever read it's not only entertaining but it's also very informative. I really learned a lot of information about corn pone, survival skills, and volcanoes in general. I really love when I read fiction and I finish a book knowing more about a topic than when I started. Who ever said that reading for fun wasn't beneficial must have never read Ashfall! Mike Mullin is a total genius for writing Ashfall and I am psyched for Ashen Winter. The writing in this book was just simply engaging and I couldn't bear to stop reading Ashfall even for short periods of times. The protagonists in Ashfall were extremely realistic and likeable. Ashfall was unlike anything I have ever read before. Mike Mullin wrote an extremely realistic dystopian adventure that I really enjoyed. Ashfall really was a superb read and I would highly recommend it to all of my friends.