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Slide - Jill Hathaway Find this at Scott Reads It***This review needs to be rewritten because it sounds extremely preposterous*** Slide was a good read, it wasn't great and it wasn't terrible. Slide is the story of Vee (Sylvia) who is diagnosed as a narcoleptic, but she really gets unconscious and slides into our people's bodies. She slide into a person's body just as they murdered her sister's best friend Sophie. The whole idea of Sliding was very cool but it was very similar to [book:Wake|1661957. The pages flew by when I read Slide because of it's fast paced plot and skilled writing. I loved how it was a paranormal thriller and it really pulls the reader in. The writing style was great and really pulled me in. Jill Hathaway is a writer that really writes characters well and their relationships. I couldn't connect with the characters at all because I couldn't relate to them. I love books when you feel like you could be in the character's situation but with Slide it wasn't like that. One of my favorite character relationship is Vee and her dad. Hathaway really nailed what a true father-daughter relationship is like. Vee's relationship with her dad and sister felt very realistic.I didn't really like the love triangle at all because I felt like it was just a distraction from the action and mystery of Slide. Zane and Rollins just didn't cut it for me, they just were not that interesting. Rollins seemed to be pretty inconsistent with Vee and he really annoyed me at parts in the book. Zane seemed like he was pretty flawless for almost the entire book and that really annoyed me because nobody's perfect. Slide is a great read for fans of The Lovely Bones and Wake. I kind hope in the sequel that the reason why Vee slides will be explained or maybe we will learn more about sliding. Hathway created an intricate story that is filled with surprises that readers will devour. Also I love the cover and the book trailer! I will definitely be reading the sequel Impostor! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdkdwgylcnk**Thanks NetGalley and Balzer + Bray for providing me with an ARC**