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Monument 14: Sky on Fire

Sky on Fire - Emmy Laybourne Check out my giveaway for Sky On Fire Lately I have been binge reading dystopian books. I have read numerous dystopian novels yet and Monument 14 is a book that really sticks out in my mind. I was extremely thrilled when I was provided with an ARC in exchange for a honest review. Sky On Fire improves on the faults on Monument 14 and I definitely enjoyed it more than it's predecessor. I love how much focus Emmy Laybourne puts on her characters. All of the characters are extremely realistically done and each character has their own distinct and unique personality. My favorite character is definitely Alex and Dean comes in a close 2nd place. I love how responsible and matured acted on their journey to the Denver International Airport. Dean is also a great character but at times his obsession with Astrid annoyed me. You would think that Alex would give Astrid a break considering her state and considering the fact that the world is in chaos. I love the way Laybourne has written the younger children because she really captures the way children truly act. Sky On Fires moves at a faster pace than Monument 14 and this is a more plot-oriented book. I honestly was pretty darn scared for the kids during this book. If I was stuck in this situation, I probably would have died almost immediately. The really scary about Sky On Fire is that it could actually happen and if it does happen I'm a goner. Let's just hope that nothing like this ever happens for the good of humanity. The kids of Monument, Colorado have given me hope that in case of an apocalypse, people will still be benevolent. If I could be half as brave and benevolent as Alex and some of the other kids during an apocalypse, I'd be pretty proud of myself. The ending of this book was fantastic and now I desperately need to read book #3. Sky On Fire is definitely an improvement on Monument 14. Sky On Fire is definitely a book that you won't want to miss! I am so excited for book #3 and I hope I enjoy it as I much as I enjoyed Sky On Fire. If you're looking for an extremely well-written, entertaining dystopian novel, read Sky On Fire! I would highly recommend reading this book for readers of all ages.