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Wolfsbane (Nightshade Series #2)

Wolfsbane - Andrea Cremer Seen at Scott Reads It!2.5 Stars I read Nightshade back in August but for some reason I never had much of an impetus to continue reading the series. 6 months later I finally decided to start Wolfsbane and I am pretty disappointed. Wolfsbane had so much potential & it didn't definitely live up to it. Wolfsbane isn't as action-packed as I would have liked. It's mostly Searcher-Guardian mythology, and romance. Instead of giving us the back story on the Guardians, Searchers, and Keepers in small dosages, Cremer quickly dumps all of the stories on us. I feel like the myths should have been spaced out better because it would have made it more interesting to read. Reading myth after myth became a bit tedious but the myths were still mostly interesting and original. There isn't a lot of character development in Wolfsbane at all. We are introduced to so many new characters yet the reader barely knows any of the characters from a hole in a wall. I had no clue what any of the characters even looked like or anything about them. A majority of the characters seemed to a lack a purpose other than "to be there". I would have liked to learn more about the new characters. Our beloved characters weren't so likeable in Wolfsbane. I remember really liking Calla during Nightshade but during Wolfsbane I was rather indifferent to her.Calla kept on acting reckless and I didn't think she used her brain too much during Wolfsbane. She didn't bother to think before acting which had so many consequences. I was not a big fan of Shay during this book and all he seemed to want to do was "do the deed" with Calla. Shay kept on trying to have sex with Calla even when she refused which was so unlike the Shay from Nightshade. The romance wasn't cringe worthy but it definitely was on the irritating spectrum. Calla and Shay talk about Ren's enagement to Calla, about a minute before they undress and attempt to make love. Trashy much? You're engaged to someone, you keep their ring, you act as if you're in a relationship with another guy but you still have feelings for your ex-fiance. It really annoyed me how one second she claimed she loved Ren and the next moment she was practically nude with Shay. Make up your mind Calla! I'm not sure why but despite my numerous complaints about Wolfsbane I kept on reading. There's something addictive about Andrea Cremer's writing style that compelled me to read on. Normally when the characters and romance annoy me this much, I usually have a strong urge to quit. This wasn't the case with Wolfsbane despite my irritation with it. Wolfsbane was far from perfect and yet I still enjoyed it enough to keep on reading. Wolfsbane was definitely lacking in a bunch of departments. Andrea Cremer's compelling writing style is really what saves Wolfsbane and makes it an enjoyable read. I will read Bloodrose eventually but it's definitely not on the top of my TBR list.