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The Dead and Buried

The Dead and Buried - Kim Harrington Find this review at Scott Reads ItThe Dead and Buried is a modern ghost story that I read recently. Even though I did not have high expectations for this book, I was still disappointed. My major problem is that The Dead and Buried was just way too typical. The whole entire time I kept thinking sarcastically "Haven't seen this before". I just really wanted an awesome and original Ghost Story unlike anything I have ever read before. The Dead and Buried takes all typical ghost story elements and mixes them together unsuccessfully. Most of what I read felt like a rehash of random ghost stories and I felt extremely let down. Jade is your typical new girl living in a new town. She makes enemies with the mean girls and she hangs out with guys she's not supposed. She even throws a party to "get in" with the popular kids. I didn't like Jade much because she was nothing special and her attempts to be popular irritated me. Hasn't she heard What's popular isn't always right?The other characters also seemed familiar, maybe because they are the generic stock characters from YA literature. We have the jock who is really troubled and is a bit of a jerk. Also we have his nemesis the artsy guy who also has a bit of a troubled past. Did someone say love triangle? The love triangle in TDaB was nothing new to me and it really was a bore to read. Does every book have to have a love triangle? The plot was extremely slow paced and I think certain scenes were unnecessary. Another thing that bothered me about the plot was the ghost scenes, or rather lack of. There was really only one awesome ghost scene and I wish it went on longer. Another thing was that The Dead and Buried wasn't scary at all and I expected to be scared even a bit.Even though The Dead and The Buried was nothing new, it wasn't terrible. I wouldn't recommend this to any of my fellow Goodreaders due to it's lack of originality and slow pacing. One thing that really was the best part of the book was the ending. The ending was so much better than the entire book for some odd reason and it felt alot better written than other sections of the book. The Dead and The Buried wasn't a very good reading experience and I doubt I would read any other Kim Harrington books. 2.5 stars