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The Summer Prince

The Summer Prince - Check out more of my reviews!Why do I constantly do this to myself? I see an eye-catching cover and immediately decide to read a book despite negative reviews. I have to give Scholastic some major kudos because that is one eye-catching cover. The Summer Prince suffers from too many problems and I just couldn't enjoy this book. The Summer Prince takes place in a futuristic Brazil and so the characters speak Portuguese. There are so many times that the author uses Portuguese terms and phrases without using any context clues. How does she expect the average reader to know random Portuguese words? I would have looked up the words but the authors used Portuguese words so often that I couldn't look up each individual word. There wasn't even a glossary with these words and their definitions. Another thing that bothered me is the world-building of Palmares TrĂªs. This book suffers from a serious lack of world-building. Saying that people fled to Brazil because of an atomic bomb, war, and natural disasters isn't world-building. I have no idea how the society rose and how it truly functions on a day-to-day basis. Why does the Queen need to kill the Summer King? Why does there need to be a Summer King or Moon Prince if the Queen is just going to kill him? Why can't the Queen rule alone? What gives the Queen authority to kill their king? These were just a small fraction of the questions I had while reading this book and none of them were answered. I didn't understand the point of the whole Summer King ritual and why it was so necessary to the people. Why do the people tolerate such a society? Why don't they question that this is murder? The Summer King ritual is a central part of this novel yet the author doesn't sufficiently explain why it's necessary to their society. It's a huge problem when you don't understand the major foundation of a dystopian society. The characters in The Summer Prince are extremely unlikable. The characters from The Summer Prince makes the cast of Jersey Shore look like a group of classy, elegant people. It's been a while since I have read about such a trashy bunch of characters. There is this one (pointless) scene in which June and Enki go hang out a cliff. What do classy people do when they hang out at a cliff? Of course June and Enki decide to push crabs off cliffs for fun. Who in the right mind pushes crabs off cliffs? That's definitely some form of animal abuse and from there on I started to hate June and Enki. Shouldn't the King have better morals? Animal abuse isn't ever fun, it's cruel and extremely distasteful. There's a love triangle in this book but's it's unlike any love triangle I have read to date. June has feelings for both her friend, Gil and The Summer King, Enki. To make matters even more complicated Gil also has feelings for June but he also has feelings for Enki. I liked how Johnson decided to include bisexual characters in her novels but I didn't particularly like Gil or Enki. Gil seems to be infatuated with Enki and I found their relationship was superficial and only physical . Both Gil and Enki need some serious help because they both are sexaholics. There was this scene where Enki needed some top secret information...(I decided to paraphrase this scene)June: Enki, we need to find out what's going on with the AuntiesEnki: Ooh, I know what to do... That secretary can help us...(7 minutes later)Enki: I just did the dirty deed and it was sweet!June: *Gushs* Enki is a sexual thunderstorm! I didn't understand the need for sexual content in this book. The characters keep mentioning how they have casual sex with strangers and how they love sex. I know everyone thinks of teenagers as always being sex obsessed but I think this book completely over did it. There's also even an extremely awkward scene in which June is outside naked and Enki walks in on her sit outside naked touching herself. Enki doesn't even question why she's outside naked! What was the point of this scene besides creeping the hell out of me? Seriously, TMI (too much information!) This book isn't written well with tons of awkward transitions. For some reason, at random times the book switched to Enki's point-of view and I didn't see the point of switching point-of-view. These short passages from Enki's point-of-view were kind of frivolous and unnecessary. The descriptions in this were fairly inconsistent, sometimes the descriptions were clear and other times they were ill-defined. I really liked the idea of this story but it wasn't executed very well. Towards the ending of The Summer Prince I finally got into the story but it too long to engage me. In my opinion the ending was a very fitting end to this story and it wrapped up everything nicely. I am not sure whether I would recommend this book or not. This book had the potential to be a fantastic dystopian novel but the plot was carried out poorly.