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Enclave (Razorland Series #1)

Enclave (Razorland Series #1) - Find this review at Scott Reads It Enclave was a book unlike anything I have ever read before. Imagine a world where you do not have a name until your 15th birthday and everyone under 15 is called a brat. Deuce always wanted to be a hunter and she is finally getting her wish. The Enclave is an odd dystopian society where people are divided into 3 classes: breeders, hunters, and builders (shown based on how many scars you have). I loved the quick pacing of the book and the intense action scenes but I had a few problems. The characters were all flipping fantastic except for one creepy character. Deuce was one of the most awesome female characters in YA literature and she made the book very enjoyable to read. Fade was simply awesome and I thought him and Deuce were perfect. My happiness was ruined when Deuce and Fade met a rapist named Stalker. Deuce how can you like a man named Stalker who rapes little girls? The second Ann Aguirre introduced a love triangle I got very pissed off.Sheldon you tell the nice people! Seriously Deuce you better get rid of him in Outpost because any man who takes advantage of people isn't the right man for you. I loved the first half of Enclave so much. It had great action, characters, romance, and zombies. Also the 1st half of the book was so fast paced and I just couldn't stop reading. Let's just say the second half of the book was definitely not as great as the first half. We got introduced to an annoying rapist (Grumbles...) Stalker. I really wish Aguirre had not included a love triangle because it really slowed down the 2nd half of the book. The action scenes didn't disappoint at all and I was really into it. I really salute Aguirre for making the Freaks (zombies) terrifyingly awesome and for creating such an unique book. The world building of Enclave was unique and original. The way Aguirre created underground societies were fascinating and if there ever was a apocalypse I bet this how it all would go down. Topside was a terrifyingly world even more terrifying than Topside in my opinion. The vivid descriptions of Topside and underground really compelled me to read more and more. Even though I hated (hated is an understatement) Stalker and his rapist friends I really enjoyed Enclave. Enclave had a fast-paced plot with a world building that really interested me. This wasn't the best zombie book I have read but it certainly was an interesting read. I will read definitely read Outpost but I hope there isn't any controversial rapists in it. I have a theory why I love zombie books maybe there's a little bit of zombie killer in all of us.