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The Rules (Project Paper Doll)

The Rules - Stacey Kade Check out my blog! After reading tons of positive reviews for The Rules, I decided I should pick it up. It definitely surprised me because it was nothing like I expected. I expected a sci-fi government conspiracy novel (à la Mila 2.0) but instead I read a sci-fi book about high school drama. Even though The Rules wasn't what I expected, I really enjoyed reading it! The Rules is told from the point-of-views of both Zane and Ariane. The alternating point-of-view is a very effective plot device in this book. I really liked reading from Zane's point of view and I loved watching Zane evolve as a character. Zane is truly a very different person by the end of The Rules. This is a book that is extremely focused on character development. The reader definitely establishes emotional attachments with all of the characters especially Zane. I praise Stacey Kade for making Zane's relationship with his father an extremely realistic portrayal of parent-child relationship. Kade isn't afraid of tackling a controversial topic and she does a stellar job of exploring this topic. All of the characters in The Rules are accurate interpretations of high school students. I feel like I could find each of the characters in The Rules in my high school even Ariane (There are no aliens in my high school or so I think) . There have been numerous occasions where the teenagers don't act like teenagers at all, so I give Kade kudos for making her teenagers extremely realistic. The Rules was an extremely entertaining and fun book to read. The plot moved at a fast-pace and was pretty original. My favorite scenes in this book were definitely Ariane's flashbacks. The plot twist at the end of The Rules was fantastically done and it completely caught me off-guard. The Rules has a huge focus on the romance between Ariane and Zane. I was extremely glad that Ariane and Zane didn't fall in love immediately. I absolutely loathe insta-love because it's so cliche. The romance between Ariane and Zane slowly develops at a realistic pace as opposed to the instant love that's common in YA novels. In case you were wondering there is not a love triangle in this book and the romance isn't cheesy at all! I actually really enjoyed the romance in this book and it was perfectly done. If you're looking for a fun, fast-paced sci-fi book I'd definitely recommend reading The Rules. I can't wait to read the next book and I hope I enjoy it as much I enjoyed The Rules. Thanks to Disney-Hyperion for providing me with an ARC of The Rules in exchange for a honest review!