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Stormdancer (Lotus War)

Stormdancer  - Jay Kristoff Find this review at Scott Reads It! Review: After a couple of weeks of sitting on my bookkshelf I decided to pick up Stormdancer. Active Goodreads members have been anticpating this book and it got stellar reviews. Almost every single reviewer loved this book and raved about how spectacular this book is. I expected alot from this book following all the hype and acclaimed reviews. Stormdancer started off for me a bit confusing. There were so many Japanese words that I didn't know and I didn't realize there was a glossary. So basically Yukiko, part of the fox Kitsune tribe is sent to find the thunder tiger which has supposedly been existent for thousands of years. Shima which is the land Yukiko lives is decimated and the environment is pretty bare. When I first heard about this book I was wowed by the idea of a steampunk, dystopian, and Japanese book. Jay Kristoff created pretty vivid characters that were pretty realistic. I didn't like how obvious he made Yukiko's love interest and the love triangle felt kind of forced. A love triangle in my opinion wasn't very necessary and it felt extraneous. Yukiko was a great character she is independent and she doesn't need any guy to support her. I love chatacters like this but after the Hunger Games and Divergent there are so many generic characters like her that it feels as overused as love triangles. Yukiko also seemed kind of selfish and annoying at times. The writing is very descriptive and that was overwhelming. I felt like Kristoff was writing too much description because I felt it slowed down the plot. Kristoff was way too overzealous with all of his descriptions. In the beginning the plot seemed to move quickly but by the end it seemed to drag. I do recommend this book to my fellow Goodreads members but be warned it isn't as spectacular as the reviews suggest. I will be on the lookout and will read the sequel to Stormdancer. If you're in the mood for a Japanese dystopian book with a strong female read, you're in for a ride!