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Kinslayer (Lotus War)

Kinslayer - Jay Kristoff Check out Scott Reads It! for reviews, giveaways, & more! I wasn't the huge fan of Stormdancer--I really enjoyed, but there was just something missing from it. I really wanted to love Stormdancer, but it didn't really live up to my expectations. Kinslayer is a whole another story, I loved every single word and sentence. Kinslayer takes everything I loved about Stormdancer and reciprocates them tenfold in such an intriguing fashion. Few sequels surpass their predecessors and Kinslayer is DEFINITELY one of those sequels! Kinslayer is filled with non-stop, pulse-raising action scenes that are beyond epic. The plot is constantly moving at an incredibly fast pace and Kristoff never wastes a single second on frivolous details. Never did I get distracted or lose interest in Kinslayer and I was absolutely glued to the pages. Though Kinslayer looks like extremely long and voluminous, it's really a quick, entertaining read. I was completely and utterly addicted to Kinslayer and I'm really upset that I have to wait so long to read book #3. I love Yuikiko. I love how kick-ass and loyal she is to Burruu and her other friends. Personally I think the best relationship in The Lotus War is Burruu and Yukiko. No offense to Kin, but Burruu will always be my favorite character in this series. The strange, unique bond that Yukiko and Burruu share is unparalleled and they are truly one interesting duo. I really want my own Thunder Tiger and I really love how Kristoff brought these creatures to life. I assure you that I'm not alone in my desire to have a Thunder Tiger, I can assure you that readers everywhere are coveting these creatures after reading Kristoff's books. Burruu. I really think that Burruu deserves his own Lotus War spin-off because who wouldn't want to read about everyone's favorite arashitora? Every single piece of dialogue that Burruu is absolutely genius, I kid you not. Burruu made me laugh out loud so many times and his character is definitely one of the major highlights of the book. I was not kidding when I said Burruu deserves his own book; we got a taste of what Burruu is like with the other arashitora in this book, I really want to see more of his backstory. Basically I need more of a Burruu fix in book #2 because I can't get enough of him. Another extremely interesting and well-done tactic in Kinslayer is the alternating 3rd person point-of-views. I loved reading about the dynamics of the Kage and their rebellion again the Shima Imperium. There is one character that really sticks out in my mind when I talk about the Kage and it's Hana. I have no idea if Hana was in book #1 because my memory is failing me right now. Hana progresses so much as a character in Kinslayer and it was incredible seeing her transform into such a bad-ass character. Kinslayer is a perfect sequel filled with tons of actions and thrilling moments. Even if you were tepid about Stormdancer, I'd definitely recommend reading Kinslayer because it really improves on book #1's faults. I am 100% certain that I need to re-read Stormdancer and Kinslayer as soon as I can get my hands on book #3. I am in awe of Jay Kristoff's incredible writing abilities and I'm still recovering from that spectacular ending... Be prepared to read one of the best steampunk books ever written!