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Shadowlands (Shadowlands (Hyperion))

Shadowlands - Kate Brian Seen at Scott Reads It I have avoided writing this review for a couple of days and I am finally going to review it. For me the most difficult reviews to write are for 5 Star books. I tremendously enjoyed Shadowlands and I doubt any review could do this book justice. There are no spoilers for Shadowlands. From the first chapter of Shadowlands I was immediately hooked into this intriguing mystery. Kate Brian starts off Shadowlands with a bang. Our protagonist Rory is being attacked by serial killer Steven Nell but she manages to escape his clutches. Rory's family moves to a vacation town called Juniper Landing. Juniper Landing seems like such a wonderful and relaxing place until one of Rory's new friends goes missing. Could Steve Nell be the cause of this disappearance? This is my first time reading a book by Kate Brian and this definitely won't be the last time I read a book of hers. Shadowlands was extremely addicting to read and I couldn't bear to stop reading even for short periods of time. One of my favorite components of Shadowlands are the short chapters from Nell's point of view. It was seriously chilling to read about an attempted murder from a serial killer's point view. Juniper Landing was a terrific setting and Brian did a wonderful job with making a vacation town seem so strange and dark. Who ever thought a vacation place could be so grim and ghastly? So many reviewers have stated that they found Shadowlands very predictable but I completely disagree. From the start of Shadowlands I had a bunch of predictions but they all turned out to be wrong. Just when I thought the book was going in a certain direction, Kate Brian threw in a gut wrenching plot twist. The ending of Shadowlands was just mindblowing and I honestly never saw it coming. Once or twice I felt like some of the characters lacked a bit of common sense. It's kind of common sense to me that if a serial killer is looking for you, you shouldn't walk around alone. I understand that Darcy doesn't want Steven Nell to ruin her social life but what's more important your social life or avoiding a serial killer?I am not sure if the characters were acting a bit ridiculous or if I was just over thinking everything like I always do. Shadowlands is more than just your average thriller. Kate Brian daftly created a mind blowing tale that exceeded all of my expectations. Shadowlands ended on such an interesting note and I'm really curious to see how Brian follows up with the sequel.