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Quarantine: The Loners, Book 1

Quarantine: The Loners - Lex Thomas Seen at Scott Reads ItIf you thought high school was horrible, you're in for a wake up call. As bad as high school was for you, I bet you didn't have it as bad as David and Will. Quarantine is unlike anything I have ever read and it just blew me away. Lex Thomas's debut was an extraordinary vision of what would happen if a high school got quarantined. The scariest thing about Quarantine is that it could actually happen. Imagine if Divergent and Lord Of The Flies were put in a blender and mixed into one fantastic book. Quarantine takes everything that worked in Lord Of The Flies and Divergent and expands on it fabulously. The Students of McKinley High are quarantined in a High School after a virus get loose in the school and all the adults die. The kids of McKinley High split into factions: Sluts, Varsity, Geeks, and Skaters. Some of the kids are "faction-less" like siblings, David and Will who are just trying to survive. From the first few pages I was immersed in the world of McKinley High and I just couldn't stop reading. Quarantine had a really realistic feel throughout the entire novel and I am truly scared of getting quarantined in my own high school now. I truly love how Lex Thomas took the High School experience and morphed into a living nightmare. If you think Panem was brutal, you're in for a wake up call with Quarantine. The narration of Quarantine was truly something spectacular because it was honest and genuine. David and Will didn't feel like fictional characters they felt 100% real people. The complex brotherly relationship between David and Will was a true and honest portrayal of the way brothers are. Of the two brothers I liked David better but I don't want to discredit Will at all. Will was just so misunderstood by everyone and I really hope he opens up more to the reader in the next book. Of all the characters in the book Sam was the most horrifying person. What happens when the high school football varsity star gets locked in a high school? Let's just say it isn't pretty and it gets pretty gory. Sam was one of the most terrifying villains I have ever read about because Sam was beyond evil. For some odd reason I find teenage villains more despicable than adults, I am not sure why but I do. Drake Caine from Gone seemed like a lamb compared to Sam in Quarantine. Sam was a well developed character and in my opinion he was one of the best written characters in Quarantine. Quarantine was a book that I really enjoyed because of it's fast pace, compelling writing, interesting characters and fascinating plotline. I would recommend this for older YA readers because there's alot of sexual content, explicit language, and gory scenes. Quarantine: The Loners was a haunting and fun book that I just couldn't stop reading. I really look forward to the next book and I hope I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Quarantine.