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The Prey (Hunt Trilogy)

The Prey - Andrew Fukuda Seen At Scott Reads It This is what you want then? I say. To be chased, to be hunted? To be their prey your whole life? Born prey, die prey? I look at them in turn. This is our chance to be more than prey. I am now convinced that 2013 is the Year Of The Sequel. Every single sequel I have read that comes out in 2013 has been better than it's predecessor (Through The Ever Night, Asunder,The Prey, The Lives We Lost, Vortex). Notice also that all of these superior sequels are also the second book in a trilogy. Sorry that was me trying to act all philosophical and smart. The Prey is a remarkable sequel that was truly captivating and it definitely outshines its predecessor. I loved how Fukuda introduced a whole new dystopian society in The Prey. This society was incredibly original and it seems like it was based on ancient Chinese customs. It was really interesting to learn how the "Duskers" came to be and how the world became so devastated. The Prey was fast-paced with tons of action scenes that kept me on the edge of my seat. Andrew Fukuda starts off The Prey with a thrilling beginning that really enthralled me. For the most part The Prey was filled to the brim was unpredictable plot twists that I definitely didn't see coming. There was one plot twist which was very predictable but other than that The Prey was definitely unpredictable. The action scenes in this book were definitely addicting to read and I wish there were more of them. The ending of The Prey perfectly resolved everything and it has made me desperate for the 3rd book. One can only hope that I can score an ARC because I need to find out what happens next. Fukuda's writing takes a bit of time to get used to because it is incredibly detailed. At first Fukuda's writing style irritated me at first but that's probably because I'm extremely impatient. I didn't want to hear a vivid description of the waterfalls, I wanted some awesome vampire battle scenes. At a few chapters I realized I was being utterly ridiculous because the prose was fantastic once you get used to it. Even though Fukuda's writing style irritated me at first, it soon became one of my components of The Prey. One of my complaints about The Hunt was that it was mostly plot oriented and so the characters felt a bit undeveloped. In The Prey Fukuda adds a lot more character development but he still manages to keep the plot really entertaining. Sorry Gene but you are no longer my favorite character in The Hunt Trilogy. Sissy takes the cake for being the most take charge and dedicated character I have read about recently. Truthfully I think Gene should pass the title of leader of the group to Sissy because she is one kick ass character, I wish I could say that I had as much fighting spirit as she has. I don't really have much critcism regarding The Prey and I am very thankful to St. Martin's Griffin for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for a honest review. The Prey is an action-packed sequel that enthralls the reader in a frightening world beyond compare. Fukuda masterfully concocted a wildly original sequel that will leave readers of The Hunt begging for more.