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Dead Girl Moon

Dead Girl Moon - Charlie Price Check out my blog! I had extremely high expectations for Dead Girl Moon. I loved the description and decided to read it even though none of my friends had read it. What I expected to be an intense mystery turned out to be pretty mediocre. The problem with Dead Girl Moon is not with the concept but with the way it's executed. There's little to no tension in Dead Girl Moon, everything should be alot more intense. When a girl just dies in a book, the reader should be on the edge of his/her seat. Truthfully I didn't care that this girl died or about any of the characters because Dead Girl Moon lacked emotion! I may sound like a heartless jerk but an author has to form an emotional connection with the reader and I didn't feel any emotion. The characters in Dead Girl Moon are pretty one-dimensional and flat. They didn't surprise me in any way and they all just were so predictable. They weren't really realistically done and I just didn't care for them in any way. There really wasn't anything noteworthy or special about any of the characters and I never really established a connection with any of them. Plotwise, Dead Girl Moon moves at a sluggish pace and I quickly lost interest in the story. There was nothing special about the mystery in this book, it was a pretty generic mystery. I wanted to enjoy Dead Girl Moon but I couldn't bear to keep reading. I struggled to keep on reading and personally cleaning my room would have been more tempting at times. I have read so many mystery novels and this book didn't add anything special to the genre. This book pretty much followed the basic mystery storyline and there were no plot twists. I kept on reading because I thought maybe Charlie Price would surprise me with an insane plot twist. Even if there was a shocking plot twist, I doubt I would have cared because I was so bored with Dead Girl Moon. Dead Girl Moon was a very disappointing book, I was extremely let down. There was nothing remotely unique or special about this book that would differentiate it from all other mysteries. The best way to describe Dead Girl Moon is a bland and unoriginal book. Don't get me wrong, Dead Girl Moon isn't a bad book. It's a decent read if you're in the mood for a simple mystery. If you're in the mood for an intense thriller, I'm afraid this isn't the book for you.