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Poison - Bridget Zinn Seen at Scott Reads It! Poison is one of those books that I saw and I immediately wanted to read. Everything about the cover appealed to me from the "Snow White And The Huntsman" cover to the fantastic description. I never had the pleasure of meeting Bridget Zinn but I really wish I could have met her. From what I have heard and read online, Mrs. Zinn seemed like an amazing and humorous person! Kyra is on the run after a failed attempt at killing the Princess, who also is her best friend. Along the way on her journey Kyra meets Fred who is both charming and a bit arrogant. Will a bunch of potions and a pig be enough to find the Princess and kill her? Will Kyra manage to evade the army that's searching for her? Why did Kyra try to kill her best friend? Poison is by far one of the best fantasy books I have ever read! Bridget Zinn's debut is an extremely fun and entertaining read that is action-packed and filled with humor! This is an extremely addicting book that once you start, you won't be able to put it down! I love how even though this book revolves around an attempted murder, it is still a light and fun read. The characters in Poison aren't exactly your average YA characters. Kyra was a character that I rooted for early on, even when she attempts to kill her best friend. I honestly never thought making potions could be so awesome and kick-ass until I read Poison. Kyra's potion abilities were incredible and they were extremely interesting to read about. Finally I have read about an extremely intelligent and witty character that was extremely likeable! Now a days in Young Adult literature, I seriously think a majority of the characters seem to lack a brain or common sense. I'm super glad that Kyra didn't go all heads-over-heals for Fred. I have read so many books where the female protagonist claims she doesn't need a male to support her, and she falls immediately for the love interest. Fred, the love interest was named after the famous Fred Weasley from Harry Potter. Fred (from Poison) was extremely loyal to Kyra no matter what. I could definitely tell that Fred loved Kyra for who she was as a person. Even when Kyra abandons him for his good, Fred was persistent and kept coming back to her. Fred isn't one of those creepy stalker boyfriends that are rampant in almost every book I read. Kudos to Bridget Zinn for creating a likeable, charming love interest. Everyone's probably wondering about Kyra's relationship with her love interest but frankly I'd rather discuss her relationship with her pig. Yes Kyra has a pig and her name is Rosie. The last time I loved a pig this much was when I first read Charlotte's Web. Rosie was seriously one of the most awesome animals I have ever read about it in a book (Sorry Rosie but I love Manchee and Wilbur more!). Though Kyra didn't always show it, I could tell she really loved Rosie. I really enjoyed Poison and I would highly recommend it! Fans of Graceling will love Kyra and will love reading about her journey to kill the princess. Poison is definitely a must read with extremely likeable characters, fast paced action scenes, and tons of humor. Poison is an epic adventure unlike no other! Thank you to Disney-Hyperion for providing me with an ARC of Poison!