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Finale (Hush, Hush Saga)

Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick Find this review @ Scott Reads It Hush, Hush is a series that I really enjoyed and so it was a no-brainer that I would read Finale. Even though Hush, Hush was originally meant to be a trilogy, I was happy that a 4th book was released. I really felt like Silence left so many loose ends and possibilities and so I picked up Finale. Finale takes place immediately after Silence and Nora is now the leader of Hank's Nephilim Army who is preparing to fight a war against Fallen Angels. Nora is little experience being a Nephilim so how the hell is she going to lead the army to victory? Not only is the fate of Nephilim at stake but so is Nora's life. Being the leader of the Nephilim starts to complicate Patch and Nora's relationship and catastrophe ensues as the war approaches. Finale was an enjoyable conclusion to the Hush, Hush Saga. All most everything tied up pretty nicely except for one thing that I won't mention. I am try to be as vague as possible so I don't spoil the book for those who haven't read it yet. Finale has action, adventure, and romance like the previous books but something feels different. One of the major differences between Finale and the other books is Nora. Nora is no longer that annoying protagonist who constantly needs to be saved by Patch. No sir! Nora is finally kicking major Fallen Angel ass and I feel like Nora really grew up in this book. The one thing that Nora did that annoyed me was her constant use of devilcraft. Seriously girl, have you heard of hugs not drugs? Patch got on my nerves during Finale because he was being way too overprotective of Nora. Nora can take of herself, you don't need to be controlling and put a tracking chip in her jacket. I really missed Vee in this book because she wasn't in the majority of the book. Vee was only in Finale for a short cliche segment that was really unnecessary and predictable. Finale is a mostly fast-paced conclusion to the Hush, Hush Saga. In my opinion there wasn't nearly enough action in this book compared to the previous books in the series. I really was proud of Nora in Finale but I got really annoyed with Patch's stalker-like nature. Some parts of Finale moved way too slowly and for numerous pages nothing at all happened. I really am upset about the ending, it was unnecessarily tragic and upset. I really can't stand what happened in the end at all but I won't spoil it for you. I really enjoyed reading Finale despite it's minor faults and I can't wait for Becca Fitzpatrick's new book.