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The Chaos of Stars

The Chaos of Stars - Kiersten White Check out Scott Reads It I wanted to enjoy The Chaos Of The Stars, I really did. I loved the description and cover for this book but I can't bear to read any more of this drivel. I'm DNFing at 20% for my own sake because this book makes me want to pull out my hair. Isadora is by far the worst protagonist I've ever read about. Compared to Isadora, Bella Swan is practically literary genius. Yes Isadora is that bad of a MC. She made we want to cringe and roll my eyes on every single page. She is constantly feeling bad for herself because she's not immortal. My parents brought me into the world to die. They didn't love me enough to keep me forever- they didn't even pretend like they did. Every single page she's constantly nagging how she's not immortal and how no one loves her. She should be happy her parents didn't disown her or kick her out because she's so irritating. She's mad at her mom for having another kid but I don't blame Isadora's mom at all. Seriously I would need another kid just to help keep me sane after dealing with Isadora. Isadora always tries to be funny but she epically fails every single time. "No squealing babies sucking on my girls ever, thankyouverymuch." God help any guy who wants to have kids with this girl! Seriously, you would have to be pretty desperate to fall for her. I really hope there's no romance in this book because no guy in the right mind would ever like Isadora. I constantly had the urge to throw my kindle while reading this book. Another annoying thing Isadora does is constantly calling her cousin Whore-Us instead of Horus. You're not funny, stop trying. She also walks into an airport and says that she hopes that America isn't like this. What? She then says that America has no culture. Thank you Isadora for being insensitive and ignorant! She also seems to lack a brain and check out this intelligent statement she made: "Who knew that living in the real world included so many people?" I can't read this any more because I feel like I'm rapidly losing brain cells. This book is absolute trash from what I read and I can't bear it any more. I can't comment on the plot because I only read 20% but there was also way too much info dumping. The fourteenth, Osiris's penis, had been eaten by a fish. Industrious and deterred, Isis just made him a new new one. That magical penis went on to sire Horus, who carried on the good fight against Set and Chaos." The magic penis. I really don't understand the point of this pointless anecdote. I really don't care at all but Osiris's penis and it's extremely irrelevant to the story. I can't even wrap my mind around why Kiersten White decided to include this in The Chaos Of The Stars. I can't torture myself any longer so I am dnfing The Chaos Of The Stars. There is no chance I'm going to waste my time continuing this book.